How to Overcome Your Fear in Entrepreneurship – God has a Big Plan for You

facing your giant
Facing your fear in entrepreneurship

This is my second post on God’s role in our business – I shall be doing this every Sunday. Last week, I talked about trusting God in your business. This week, I will highlight something that probably is the most crucial issue in entrepreneurship: Fear.

Fear has been a big issue in entrepreneurship, especially those who are going to start a business. However, fear is not only for newbie. Fear has been an issue for every business owner – regardless whether you are a one-year business owner or well-seasoned one.

Fear will bring your down

In today’s time of uncertainty, many business owners fall into the trap of fear; many fear about many things: Fear of not being able to pay your vendors; fear of losing your business; fear of not being able to support their family; and many others.

The end result: Business owners and entrepreneurs get depressed and those who believe in God start losing their faith. Drugs, alcohols, etc. are often the stuffs they choose to “solve” their problems.

The impact is devastating. Families tumble, business goes out of business, personal finance fails, health problem arises – truly hell on earth.

How to overcome your fear the God’s way

Here are some practical tips you can implement in your entrepreneurship journey on how to overcome your fear, inspired from CBN Indonesia Director Rev. Mark McClendon’s sermon in the Sunday service I have attended today:

1. Stop running away

You can’t run away from your fear. You need to stop running and face your giant – and God willing, you shall be able to defeat them.

Are you afraid of starting a business? Start your business today! Are your credits are past due date and afraid of set a meeting with your creditors? Contact one today and “attack” your issues one by one.

2. God is in our side

Never, ever blame God for the adversities you face; God shall never put you into trials; He does have a lot of work other than playing around with people. The things that go against your way are allowed by God to teach you to trust God more and learn more about the life itself.

When your business is going down, never blame God; when you are heading toward bankruptcy, be strong and take courage – do not fear or be dismayed. They are all part of a process to bring the best out from you. God will make a way.

3. Your identity as God’s people

You are here in this world for a purpose. It is for you to find your purpose. One thing for sure, you are God’s people, regardless of your gender, colour, religion, economic status and background. You are here to represent God. Overcoming your fear can let people see how God bless your life.

My purpose here in this blog is to share to the world how God has taught me to overcoming fear and anxiety; how He has taught me to stand up, pick up the pieces, and move on – and trust my fear in Him.

4. Words of God as your sword

Every religion has a Holy Bible. It is a manual for you and I on how to live our life, including on how to walk our entrepreneurship path – read it.

I am a Christian and I admit I need to read the Bible more. There are plenty to learn, even business-wise, that no Business Schools can teach better.

Overcoming fear in entrepreneurship, the words of God you read is your “sword” to defeat your fear. Speak to yourself; speak to your employees; inspire them because that’s what a business leader should do.

Defeat your fear and enjoy your success

It’s not easy to defeat your fear. However, if you successfully defeat your fear, you will see more positive things coming your way. Success is contagious. When you realise that you have been blessed by God, you will try to do things better; people around you will see good things coming out from your life and say, “Whoa – his life has changed dramatically – he’s been blessed. How did he do it? Who is his mentor?”

Who am I, anyway? If He takes a good care of me, He will takes a good care of you, too – the question is: Do you still want to belief in the Devil’s lies such as fear?

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Overcoming fear
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