Do You Want to be Rich and Happy? Learn God’s Way

rich and happy entrepreneur
Rich and happy
In this blog post I want to talk about why many people – including business owners – are happy, yet live a bitter, unhappy life. To kick off, I’d like to say that being rich and happy is possible.

Views on being rich and happy

I live in a country in which 5 major religions reside side by side. There are some tensions, but in general, we thrive in the diversity. I am surrounded by people from many different cultural backgrounds, including different views about God. Some don’t believe in God, some do – they have their own reason, I have mine; we happily live our life with respect.

The point is, we have different view about life, yet we agree on “socially accepted” facts – such as the possibilities of being rich, as well as happy.

In term of entrepreneurial journey, I agree with some opinions stating that it’s difficult to be rich and happy. For some reasons, many rich people are some of the world’s most unhappy people.

Unhappy? Yes. Sure, many have mansions and luxury cars; some have private jets; some travel the world throughout the year. But I believe that money can buy happiness. Rich people seem happy, but the majority of the rich business people I know are not happy with their life. Some of them I know have broken relationship, some even drown themselves in alcohols; a few even does drugs.

So, why are those people not happy? I know many of you would disagree, but from my personal experience, your relationship with your God will make or break your life, regardless of how successful or rich you are.

Be rich and happy: Possible?

Becoming rich and happy is possible – with the right mindset. So, if you want to be rich and happy, you should debunk some misconception about wealth and happiness:

1. Misconception #1: Money is the root of all evil; God doesn’t want you to be rich

You are missing the point. God WANTS you to be rich – the right way. I don’t know how about you, but money can buy you opportunities: You can better your community; you can help others; you can enhance your family economy; and many other benefits.

However, money CAN drive people mad; when people are becoming greedy, they are becoming money worshipper. So if you are not careful, money can turn you into a selfish, backstabber and unlawful person. Beware.

2. Misconception #2: If I am rich, I will be happy

Many want to believe so, but facts show the otherwise; many rich people are unhappy. Related to #1 above, if you are not careful with money, you can lose your footing and stumble; if you are not careful, you could lose your business, ruin your personal finance, and hurt the people you care about.

HOWEVER, you can be rich AND happy if you follow God’s way: Do business ethically; do your job and work on your investment with integrity; don’t procrastinate; giving back to the community; help others to be better; and many positive things you can do.

How to be rich and happy?

There are many recipes of happiness. One “sure-fire” recipe of becoming happy is by start giving to God’s work. Your money and everything you have is God’s blessings, anyway. Regardless of your faith, you need to start giving. THEN you can realise that if you use your money to support good causes, you will discover happiness.

Why Bill Gates – the richest man on earth – quit Microsoft and started a foundation? Because he knows he can do better things with his money; because he can give back to the community; because he has to – he is a role model and people look up to him. Is he happy? He should be.

Talking about Bill Gates… here is a closed forum thread that is interesting to read; the question: Is Bill Gates happy, and the secondary question: Does he have any kind of faith? You might want to check that out.

Business owners: Start doing philanthropy; give back to your community – you have to. Why? Because thanks to your community, your business thrives; without positive support from your community, your business won’t work.

Want something from the experts? I recommend you the How to be Rich and Happy book written by an influential thought leader John P. Strelecky and in-demand life coach Tim Brownson.

Good luck in your endeavour looking for ways to be rich and happy.

Ivan Widjaya
On becoming rich and happy