Business Leadership: Why Entrepreneurs Should Positively Impact Their Community

business leadership
Business leaders
Just like in anything in life, there is a good thing in every bad thing, and vice versa. Business-wise, there are good debt and bad debt; good habit and bad habit; good business practice and bad business practice. In entrepreneurship, there are good entrepreneurs and bad entrepreneurs.

Good entrepreneurs, bad entrepreneurs

In your entrepreneurial journey with God, you have free will to decide what’s right – you can choose to be a good entrepreneur or bad entrepreneur. More on this later on – read on…

One thing that can easily tell the good entrepreneurs from the rest is their businesses’ impact on the communities. Entrepreneurs – whether you like it or not – are leaders; those who will bring others to live a better life.

Humans are meant to reign on earth and everything in it (Gen 1:26.) By reigning, humans SUPPOSEDLY make the earth a better place to live. Alas, throughout the history of mankind, humans destroy things well – some do build the earth to be a better place, but many people benefit from the “perks” of free will and take things too far – in a destructive way.

In entrepreneurship, there are entrepreneurs who build businesses that damage the environment for profits; businesses that scam other people; etc. There are entrepreneurs that “sell their soul to the devils” for riches; there are entrepreneurs who seem to be good people in church but do whatever it takes to bring in profits, even using illegal and unethical ways to achieve their business goals.

Entrepreneurs should step up and become influential leaders

Entrepreneurs are influential leaders. Whether you realise it or not, entrepreneurs determine their businesses’ destiny and every stakeholder related to them: Their employees, partners, suppliers and customers – even your local economy can be impacted by how well your business is doing.

No matter whether you are a born leader or not, you are a role model. People will look up to you and follow what examples you and your business give to your local community. If you are a good entrepreneur, people will start to analyse you: “Who is this guy?” “Is he living a good personal life?” “Who is his God?” There will be some negative things about you – you can’t please everybody – but people will respect what you are doing if you and your business are making real difference, positively.

Becoming good or bad entrepreneur: It’s your choice

Early in this article, I mentioned about the free will God has given you. People often misinterpret the free will as something that allows you to do anything – to do what it takes to pursue your goal. That’s why people are taking advantage over others; people gain riches over others’ expenses; and more.

True free will means that you are free to decide what’s right; free to make decisions that will better your and your community’s life; free to decide how God will be glorified by what you are doing.

Yes – it’s your choice. Do you want to do business ethically? Well, you should – but it’s your choice; do you want to scam people to make you rich? Well, you shouldn’t – but it’s your choice. One thing for sure: Choose right because your and others’ life depend on your decision.

The question is, do you want to be a good guy or a bad guy?

Ivan Widjaya
I want to influence others to do what’s right – how about you?
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