How to Turn Your Love for Animals in to a Business Venture

pet training business
Dog training in action
If you love animals then here are 5 contemporary business ideas that will help you turn your love for pets in to a business venture. You don’t have to be deterred by lack of finance; some of these ideas are low on investment and high on potential.

And yes…I’m not going to tell you to open a pet store. So here goes…


Just as training people is and has always been a great industry to work in, the business of training pets is also a lucrative one. People like their pets to be trained so that they behave better around the house and people in general.

If you adore animals, have oodles of patience and are a good teacher you can train pets in the comfort of your client’s homes. A profession that pays by the hour, being a pet trainer lets you moonlight as well. With people having less time on hand to train their pets it also makes a lot of business sense.

Pet Groomers

The business of looking good and feeling good is not just restricted to people, it extends to animals as well. Pet salons have sprung up in most cities and people are ready to indulge in all sorts of grooming treatments for their pets.

Pet Resorts

When people travel the biggest issue for them is leaving their pets in good hands. Pet resorts and boarding facilities make good business sense.

What you need…space, staff to care for the animals, genuine interest and love for animals with some background in training in animals and caring for them.

Pet Accessories

Pet owners who like to dress their pets up in nothing but the best would definitely head for a pet accessory store.

A case in point, Rashi Sanon Narang who was inspired by what she had picked up for her two pooches while on trips abroad and frustrated by the sheer lack of such products in India, Narang decided to start her own line of doggie couture.

She spotted the business opportunity in 2007 and rolled out her “pawsh doggie couture” line complete with matching accessories, toys and plush beds, in fact everything pet owner need to pamper their pet.


Door delivery of food isn’t limited to pizzas and Chinese food for your family; doggie meals delivered at home are all the rage.

Pet food that is cooked to perfection and suited to pet’s requirements and preferences is another niche that people have and are successfully exploring. Cooking for the family is hard enough and most people who would like to cook for their pets too are unable to for the lack of adequate time.

A catering service for pets would be the perfect solution to this problem faced by pet owners.