How to Start Your Own Cleaning Service

Do you know what people will never stop doing? Being messy. Because of this reality, cleaning businesses will always be in high demand. They can be lucrative, are relatively easy to start, and don’t cost that much money up front. If you’re willing to take on the brunt of the cleaning duties yourself—at least to begin with—you will find yourself making money in no time.

Before you get your cleaning service up and running, there are a few important things you need to consider. Because it’s such a great way to make money, there are usually quite a few cleaning services in any given region. You need to stand out if you want to succeed, and also have a solid business plan to guide you. However, armed with strong coffee and a will to succeed, you should be able to build your business into a profitable enterprise.

Cleaning service business idea

Register Your Business

If you want to operate legally—and you do—then you’re going to need to register your business with the government. With your business registered, you have access to all of the necessary protections. Other companies won’t be able to rip off your business name, you will be able to operate legally wherever you go, and you won’t be tracked down by the IRS because you avoided paying taxes.


Figure out how much money you’re going to spend upfront. Compared to other businesses, cleaning businesses are often rather inexpensive to start. For around $2,000, you can buy the necessary equipment and products, pay for preliminary marketing efforts, cover yourself with insurance, and apply for all of the necessary licenses and permits. After that point, the money you generate from actually cleaning should be able to sustain—and hopefully grow—your business.

Business Software

Especially if you’ve never run a business before, it can be difficult to tie up all of the loose ends and keep track of what you’re supposed to do. Cleaning business software exists to resolve these issues. The best programs are essentially personal assistants crossed with accountants. They will help you keep track of your finances, the status of clients, and generally organize your entire operation so that you can do the important work of cleaning.

Market Your Business

If you don’t get the word out that you’ve started a business, how will anyone know about your services? Thankfully, social media has created the ideal platform to spread the word about fledgling companies without hiring expensive strategists. With a little bit of research, you can find ways to market your business through these different platforms and reach clients that you would have never otherwise had on your radar.

However, it’s important that you don’t overlook word of mouth or guerilla marketing. Because people are on their phones all day, they are constantly bombarded with ads. For many, it’s become a habit to simply scroll past sponsored posts and continue on to the content that they want to see. Because of this, paying for online ads can be useful, but is ultimately only one part of a successful marketing strategy. Spread the word by telling people you interact with in your everyday life. Put up fliers in neighborhoods where you want to work.

Cleaning process

Survey the Field

Chances are, there are going to be competing cleaning services in your area. There are lots of people who set out to start these businesses, and not all of them succeed. Take the time to research other companies in your area and try to study what works for them and what doesn’t. Ask yourself why a certain company is successful and why another may be struggling. This will not only give you a better sense of the region and what the clients there like, but it will also help you avoid the pitfalls that other companies succumbed to.

By following these simple steps, it’s possible to quickly begin and grow a professional cleaning service—just be aware that starting a business takes time. Don’t expect overnight success, but don’t abandon your idea when you encounter difficulties. Only the most tough-willed will be able to make their businesses profitable, but once you’ve achieved success, you’ll reap both financial and personal rewards that make the process completely worthwhile.