Oakley Sunglasses: A Success Story and Personal Branding Tips

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I’m sure you have seen this stylish-looking sunglasses somewhere – the ones with wearable technologies on them, such as cell phone capabilities and MP3 players. I almost sure you will think about Oakley sunglasses.

Read on for the success story of Oakley, as well as its impact in your personal branding efforts that can actually make or break your business.

Oakley success story: How a Motorcycle Parts Salesman builds a successful sunglasses company

Back in 1975, Jim Jannard was sick and tired of his dead-end job as a motorcycle parts sales rep. During his tenure as a sales rep., he developed a cutting-edge material called “Unobtanium” – it’s patented and with an investment of $300, he started a company registered as “Oakley” – named after his dog.

The Unobtanium was initially purposed for motorcycle grips Jannard called “The Oakley Grip” – a tech breakthrough at that time. Jim’s business has grown well, and he moved on by creating more products – gloves, number plates, etc… and goggles.

The tipping point was the goggles called the O-Frame. Then everything great started from that product. Oakley then produced ski goggles, then -finally – the very first Oakley sunglasses: Factory Pilot Eyeshades – sport-oriented goggles-like sunglasses.

Things went so well since then; Oakley went public in 1995 after Jannard paid himself a nice bonus of $21 million. He kept 64.8 percent of Oakley Inc., valued at about $820 million.

Oakley sunglasses and personal branding

Oakley has always been related to cool, stylish-looking sunglasses with strong personal branding characteristics.

As we all know, in business your personal brand is very important. The things you buy and use can pretty much tell who you are to your clients, colleagues, partners and staffs. Large brand names – such as Oakley Inc. – know this and target that affluent market heavily with cars, suits, phones and now sunglasses.

Oakley sunglasses are not just for those with an active lifestyle but those that want to portray and active lifestyle. This sort of personal brand signals someone as being high energy, enjoying challenges and being well prepared. Obviously you don’t want to be ‘all gear and no idea’ but supporting your core skills with the careful use of signaling props will enhance your career and business.

For instance, are you ready to pitch your potential clients on ski resort? Oakley make a range of different sunglasses to appeal to skiers that will make a great first impression. What about the infamous business deal making sports venue: Golf? An Oakley Radar Path Golf sunglasses will make your personal brand stands out.

It’s probably safe to say that wearing an Oakley says you travel and in business that means your important and cultured.

The queue to join this group of exclusive personal branding accessories is long but the members list isn’t. A good watch, an executive car, a smart phone, a tailored suit and some good Oakley sunglasses.

Is your personal branding related to the things you wear?

Your look is important in giving the first impression to the one you deal with. Neglecting the things you wear could damage your chances to score the business deal.

Take care your personal branding well, and you should be able to win more business.

Success story source: Wikipedia
Image: Ubergizmo.com