Why You Should Consider Cloud Hosting to Host Your Business Website

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Cloud computing offers increased productivity and cut IT investment budget for small business. If your small business runs a website, cloud-based hosting can offer you something that conventional web hosting can’t offer you. Be sure to read web hosting review on cloud hosting before you make your decision.

When you run a business website, especially if your business website IS the actual business, such as an online store, ensuring the accessibility of the site is one of your top priorities. You don’t want a potential buyer who visits your online store to see an error page; that would be bad for your brand reputation and you could lose potential sales. The same thing also goes for any types of business websites – a business blog like Noobpreneur.com, a company profile, a freelancer’s portfolio site, etc.

Whether you like it or not, your “fate” is also determined by the web hosting you choose to host your business website on.

Choosing bad web hosting provider can make your business website loads slowly, even inaccessible. Choosing good web hosting provider can help products, services and information serving a pleasant experience for your site visitors. You can find the best web hosting for your website from web hosting review sites.

Now I mentioned early in this article that cloud hosting can offer you more than just reliable hosting. Many cloud hosting providers offer guaranteed 100 percent uptime, while other conventional web hosting providers offer up to 99.9%. Okay, the 0.01% difference is not huge, but if you think of it, that 0.01% equals almost 10 hours of downtime a year. That’s quite significant as the impact is beyond that.

Let’s learn a bit about cloud hosting, shall we?

First thing first: What is cloud hosting?

In essence, cloud hosting is web hosting provider that stores multiple copies of your website in multiple web servers. Your copy of website is served by the nearest web server to your website visitors, so your website will always be loaded faster by your site visitors.

That is a complex operation done automatically by the system (called “virtualization”) and you, as a client, won’t see such complexity done in the back-end (called “the cloud”.)

So, back to the uptime issue: How can cloud hosting offers 100% uptime guarantee?

As defined above, your website copies are distributed to multiple web servers – so when a server is having an issue, the load will be handled by another web server, making business website downtime not an issue with cloud hosting.

More benefits of cloud hosting

There are other great benefits of hosting your business website with a cloud hosting:

1. Real-time plan changes

Cloud hosting offers you scalability – you can scale up and subscribe for better hosting plan (or scale down) anytime your business needs it, without downtime. With conventional web hosting provider, you will likely to experience a couple of hours of downtime.

2. Pay as you go perks

Some cloud hosting provider offers you an ability to pay only for the resources you use. So if your website is new with low traffic, you will pay a lower hosting fee; if your website needs more resources to handle business operations and large number of visitors, you just pay accordingly. This works just like your electricity bills – you only pay what you use.

3. Your website will load faster

With cloud hosting, your website information is stored on multiple web servers on multiple geographic location. When a visitor is originating from, say, United Kingdom, he/she will be served your website from the web server located in UK or the nearest web server to his/her location. This will make your business website load faster.

Consider to go cloud with cloud hosting

I recommend you to have a look at what cloud hosting has got to offer you. Cloud computing technology advances rapidly today – so expect improvements in cloud hosting services.

Be sure to visit cloud hosting review sites, such as PixelPoke.com, to learn more about the best cloud hosting provider for your business website.

Ivan Widjaya
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