Using Google + as an Internal Collaboration Device

internal collaboration via google plus
Internal collaboration
So everyone in the SEO has all heard of Google + right now, and how it is supposed to be the next big thing in terms of social networking. But Google + is far more than just a social networking tool. It is simply the tool that collects every other amazing thing that Google is doing, like Places, Docs, Gmail, etc., and put them all together – socially.

As Google + continues to grow, and more and more people become familiar with it, you will find that people will start to find really cool and innovative ways to use Google +. Ways that cannot be done with Facebook and Twitter because of how many cool things that Google is integrated with that Facebook is not. And the best part about Google, is that everything you do on there is free.

For example, one of the cool things you can do with Google + with a little bit of time and creativity is create an Internal Collaboration System. Now what are these exactly used for?

Do you run a business that works exclusively online? Perhaps an Internet marketing or web design business or run an SEO company? Many types of companies in fields like these have employees that work for them all over the world. However when you have a bunch of people that work from home, how is everyone supposed to know what to do and how is the work-flow going to be structured so that it is very efficient.

Many people that employ people that work from home use Internal Collaborating Systems to create workflow and more efficient communication. They become extremely useful because they are like an online office where everyone can get together and work on tasks.

They do this by allowing you to create projects, set milestones (goals to be accomplished), generate task lists, build custom data bases, and much more. They allow you to do this in custom built workspaces that you can allow people to join. The bad thing about a good Internal collaborating system however – is that it may cost you a little bit of money and might be on the expensive side of things.

This is where Google + comes in. Together with Doc’s, Gmail, and Task’s, Google + will allow you to accomplish everything you would in an Internal collaborating system, like using the spreadsheets for a data base, or using the task operator for creating task lists. The social network comes nicely into play because Google + has a system call “Circles” which makes filtering information completely easy. It will allow you to put all of your employees or coworkers in one group and relay information to them on a regular basis without worrying about your Google + getting to messy.

You can coordinate with ease to a number of different people. This eliminates the time that gets wasted when you relay the same message to 15 different people. The best part is that you can customize the way you do things based on what it is that you actually do.

This article was an article written by Anthony P. Benedict. Anthony helps to run and maintain an Internet marketing company himself, finds Google + very fascinating, and loves to write about it, as well as on many other SEM topics in his spare time.