Some Reasons Why Google+ is Better than Facebook (Want a Google+ Invitation?)

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Google+ rocks!
Google+ is probably the most anticipated social network of all. Google+ is still in beta – meaning, it is not yet launched to public; however, there are now already 20 millions of Google+ users – and counting.

In late June 2011 Google has actually opened the door for people to join Google+ give it a try, but due to the huge demand they close the door again. So, how enthusiasts can give Google+ a try? Well, read on…

What is Google+ and why it is better than Facebook?

I am on Google+ for about 2 weeks (view my Google+ profile) and to say the least it looks pretty much like Facebook – with some fundamental differences:

1. Google+ circles

With Google+ you can add other users into your “circles” (Google+’s categorisation of contacts) – you can have circles of friends, family, acquaintances, etc. – you can create a custom “circle” to better categorise your contact.

This feature alone is better than Facebook in a sense that you can choose to share your updates to a specific circle or to public (all contacts in your circles.) With Facebook, you can’t simply determine who you are going to share your updates with.

2. Google+ hangouts

Just as the name implies, you can hangout with your circles and have a live webcam session with them – all at once. It’s like having a web conference with your contacts (also a great feature for business purposes!)

3. Other features

You can chat with your circles, share photos, share videos, gather interesting updates across the web using Google+ Sparks (and share them), etc.

Plus, Google+ will integrate other Google apps into the network little by little, turning it into a one-stop solution for either business or personal endeavours.

Well, to give you an idea or two why Google+ rocks and actually better than Facebook (therefore many consider Google+ as a Facebook killer – even a Twitter killer) please watch this fun video explaining pretty well why Google+ is better than Facebook:

Indeed… just like what mentioned in the video: “you don’t have to choose it – sooner or latter you’ll end up using it.”

How to get a Google+ invite?

Info updated on August 8, 2011.

So, do you want a Google+ invite? If so, please enter your email address here and you will receive a welcome email containing a link to my Google+ invitation page – this new Google+ invitation system only allows up to 150 Google+ invites (since August 7, 2011) – and they runs out quickly; so again, sign up with newsletter now:

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Ivan Widjaya
I invite you to try Google+… it rocks!