Elements of a Successful Exhibition Stand

exhibition stand
Exhibition stand

Business is all about getting out there and showing people what goods and services one has to offer, and exhibition stands at conferences and other events can help people see what a group is selling. However, piecing together or setting up a stand takes more than throwing up display banners and sitting behind a table. It is important to put a lot of thought into constructing and arranging a successful exhibition stand; by thinking about the colour and design of the display banners and really considering one’s approach to potential clients and visitors, one can get their product or company noticed even when surrounded by the competition.

Great Design Practices

To get noticed, it is important to invest in a variety of display banners. These marketing items should vary in shape, size, and colour. The best designs are those that prominently display a company’s name, message, and mission as well as key images. Complementary colours should be used and fun fonts are another great way to get people to stop and stare at banners, exhibition stands, and products on display. Having a variety of banners means that one will always be able to fill the space they are in and will be able to make their stand fun and appealing.

Strategic Placement of Banners, Products, and Other Items

An exhibition stand should not look too barren or too cluttered. Instead, it is important to make sure that banners are hung evenly and do not have wrinkles in them and that they are hung in such a way as to make a space seem warm and inviting. Too many banners or those that are hung lop-sided will make the company look unpolished and even unprofessional. To make a successful exhibition stand, it pays to hang marketing materials and organize products in a clean and appealing manner. Take a step back and try to see how the exhibition stand and tables look from far away. Get a second opinion, too, so that you can be sure that your group is properly represented.

Knowledge of Your Product and Mission

First impressions mean a lot in the business world. When potential customers and partners approach one’s stand or table, it is important to have a positive attitude, be approachable and friendly, and to understand the ins and outs of a company’s products and mission. Knowledge is power! If a staff member understands how to talk to people in a professional and positive way, then it will make a company look that much more attractive at a business fair. Similarly, people will want to know exactly what different products can offer them. Thus, understanding all of the uses of an item will sway a person into possibly investing in it in the future.

An exhibition stand is a chance to really get the word out about a business or product. Thus, it is very important for people to carefully consider the design and layout of this space. With professional staff members working the table, it is possible to get noticed at fairs, conferences, and other business events.

Image: DriscollBrothers