Is Your Content Delivering Results?

content optimization
Spot on!
Many SEO people look at content purely from a ranking perspective, i.e. have I included my target keyword and its variations enough? However for me optimizing content is about creating pages that “sell” and deliver results once the visitor has landed. After all why go to all that trouble of ranking in Google if your site can’t convert those extra visitors into something meaningful?

Many of the ecommerce sites I visit fail to get the balance right between too much and too little information on their products, out of fear I think most people are over-doing it. I keep seeing these online stores with 10 pages deep of technical info on every product. Not only is it useless from a SEO point of view it’s really confusing to your average user. You need to break your product info into main sections with a quick overview at the top. Only give people the tech jargon if they ask for it.

The default for most sites is text and an occasional image however it’s not always the best way to engage visitors. It’s been proven that internet users have a shorter attention span than most and are unlikely to read your 500 word sales pitch unless they are seriously committed to it. However how about a 3 minute video that gets the same info across in a fun way? People are more than happy to sit and watch most videos, we are the YouTube generation.

Infographics are another great way to get complex ideas across quickly. One of my favourites ever is the SEO Book Google history – one which looks great and reads really easy. From an SEO perspective something like this is worth its weight in gold, over a 100 SEO blogs linked to this graphic the day it went up, you can’t buy that kind of marketing.

The last reason I’m going to give for working hard on your content is that it’s the best long term strategy there is for SEO. Google is doing more manual reviews of sites than ever so why would you spend months/years building links only to be knocked down because your content looked like it was written by an 8 year old? I think most SEO people will agree that quality content is one part of the algorithm google is never going to change. I hope these tips help you create a great site to convert all that SEO traffic you’re going to get :)

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