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How to Build an Online Media Kit for Your Small Business

online media kit tips

Creating a compelling company online media kit

The number one mistake small business owners make in building an online presence for their businesses is the absence of media kit. Online media kit is a powerful tool to buzz your business, as well as getting more business clients. This article can help you make an outstanding small business online media kit.

Having your small business media kit online will give it legs to run to many places. Whether your small business is a sandwich shop, an eCommerce store, a design firm, a business blog or any other kinds of small business, you surely need a media kit. Why?

A media kit make things easier for journalists, prospects, advertisers and other businesses to learn about your business – your company profile, your products and/or services, what you have achieved, what opportunities you offer to partners, and many more. In short, a media kit is a powerful tool for your small business marketing. So, it is obvious that you would want your media kit to be as useful, informative and interesting as possible.

Click here for a concise guide in making your online media kit stands out and actually converts visitors into buzzers and/or buyers »

I have these tips to help you build an online company media kit:

1. First thing first: You need a website

But there is a pre-requisite to start benefiting from your online media kit: You need a website for your small business.

If you don’t have a small business website, I strongly suggest you to start building one and get your media kit page on prominent location on the site.

2. You need to gather relevant information

You need to include compelling facts about your small business in your online media kit: Company backgrounds, products and services information, testimonial, press releases, etc.

Please bear in mind, a media kit is not a business plan or a marketing plan – it should focus on the conversion of visitors: advertisers into ad buyers; journalists and bloggers into your business buzz makers; prospects into clients; and many more.

3. Follow the best practice

There are small business owners who have successfully created a powerful online media kit for their businesses. You need to learn from them – read their books, articles, case studies and blog posts; just search the web!

I do have a recommendation – this link can take you to a concise but very useful guide in creating a compelling online company media kit. Many thanks for Joanna L. Krotz and MSN’s Business on Main, for the great guide…

Ivan Widjaya
Small business media kit 101

Disclaimer: I receive incentives to share my views on this particular blog post, but all of the opinions are my own. My blog is a part of an online influencer network for Business on Main.

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