Decode Your Marketing Success With QR Codes!

qr code marketing
QR code art - image by Michael Murray Artist / Flickr
As a business you are continuously looking for ways to outdo your competition and grab the #1 spot, or if you are already there, it becomes even more important for you to maintain that position in your market. You’ve tried out every billboard, every local business listing, every trick in the book to accomplish this. Now what?!

Enter QR codes. If you do not know about them, you already are behind in the much populous rat race! People are catching on to the new trend everywhere-on phones, in malls, in stores, on products…so what exactly is all the buzz about?

QR is short for Quick Response and these codes are a new incarnation of the good old grandpa bar-code! They have been around since the 1990s, but only now has there been an upsurge with camera phone usage pushing them into the limelight. These are two-dimensional, waffle-like square patterns against a white background designed to be read by smartphones and contain encoded text, a site URL, or other information. Called mobile tagging, a user with a camera phone that is equipped with the appropriate reader application can quickly scan a code to get more information about anything encoded in that code.

So what has all this got to do with you or your business? Actually”¦.everything! By using such technology you straightaway show how with the times your business is. QR codes can be imprinted on just about anything-paper, metal, plastic, billboards, garments, bags, mugs”¦you name it! This makes them the perfect marketing tool for putting on promotional items to promote your business with. This is the new style statement!

They are free to make so that’s one worry out of the window already! With a QR code you add a new dimension to putting your logo or slogan on promotional products and conveying your message to your target market.

This is the digital connect for your customers with your business. You can consider certain factors when creating your code for promotional giveaways, like-who your target audience is; what you are looking to achieve through this marketing strategy-sales, fans on Facebook, or creating a brand presence, and then determine your long term strategy with QR codes.

You need not stop at just promoting your website with these codes. Be creative and take it further by including discounts and offers on business gifts, coupons, sales and closeouts, or contests and events! QR codes are your way to drive traffic to your business or to increase fans on Facebook. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you can utilize these codes to grow your business.

However, there are a few things one has to be careful about while imprinting QR codes on promo items:

–Black is the ideal color for a QR code imprint to ensure adequate contrast against the background surface for it to be read; though you can choose to do these in other dark colors as well. Codes in white are a total “˜no-no’ as this inverses the code and makes it a different code altogether.

–If putting a code on promotional t-shirts, the fabric has to carefully chosen. It must be a flat even surface fabric so it does not crinkle or the code would be rendered unscanable.

–Method of putting the code on promotional items has to be carefully selected too. Laser engraving or embossing your code are not effective as they do not offer adequate contrast against the base surface. The same problem arises with embroidery for codes because it is uneven in texture. Ink imprinting is by far the best method.

Stay ahead of the game and show your prospects you are an innovator in your niche with QR codes!