Passing the Test: Using Your QR Scanner to Make More Effective Codes for your Business

Passing the Test: Using Your QR Scanner to Make More Effective Codes for your Business

Quick response codes have taken the world of marketing by storm in recent years, giving companies and brands yet another effective tool to stay connected with their prospective and existing customers and clients. Studies have confirmed that one out of five American consumers have scanned a QR code at least once in 2013, according to eMarketer. Even though this is an impressive figure, there is clearly still a lot of room for growth and improvement.

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In order to become an expert at creating effective QR codes, there are several steps that need to be taken.

Conduct a Poor-Lighting Test

One of the main reasons why QR codes are not being scanned fully is poor lighting conditions in the areas where these images have been placed. For instance, it is much more difficult to properly scan a QR image on a poster outside of a store once the sun has set than it is in the middle of the day. Therefore, when you are testing your codes to make sure that they work, make sure you also check to see if they are still readable in poorly lit environments. If not, you need to go back to the drawing board and redevelop your design with the hope of generating better scans.

Check a Variety of Mobile Devices

Using one particular type of mobile device to test your QR codes is not enough and can actually provide you with a false reading. Keep in mind that not all of your consumers are going to be using the same exact mobile device when they scan your code. Therefore, after your code has been developed, try to use the QR code scanner that is programmed within a wide variety of different phones and tablets just to make sure that it is compatible and readable across the board.

Focus more on older smartphones and tablets, because those are the models that will more than likely give you the most problems in this regard, according to Cirrus Abs.

Test Code with Different Scanner Apps

Regardless of whether you currently have an Android or an Apple mobile device, you more than likely have already realized that there are an abundance of QR code scanner applications from which you may choose. Even though one application might be able to read your code correctly, other applications may not, which means that you could potentially be losing customers and sales because of this error. Therefore, take the time to try scanning the same code with a variety of different scanning applications to make sure that it goes through without any complications or delays.

Do Not Forget to Test for Distance

One of the most important tests you should conduct is a distance test. Your consumers are typically not going to want to be inches away from your QR code just to scan the image. In most cases, they would benefit more from being able to successful scan the code from a distance with their QR code scanner. In order to ensure this happens, your code has to have a substantial amount of contrast that will allow it to clearly stand out. Blending it in with a billboard sign without a sufficient amount of contrast will make it very difficult for the consumer to accurately scan and read the image, which will only cause frustration for the consumer, who may eventually forget about the whole thing.

Following those steps is essential if you want to convert more of your unique visitors into paying customers by using your QR codes and QR code scanner.

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