6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Mascot

business mascot
Fido Dido - 7UP mascot
If you thought only a McDonalds needs a Ronald or 7Up needs a Fido then let me tell you how wrong that idea is. Mascots have been used as a powerful advertising tool for a very long time now and there is no reason why small businesses should shy away from getting one. Here are 6 reasons why…

Greater Customer Interaction

Visuals images and characters are known to create instant engagement and this is because they veer towards greater interaction. That’s why kids are so taken in with Ronald the clown of McDonalds, why you remember Fido Dido of 7Up and why the Amul moppet has Indians eating out of her hand…literally!

Create great brand awareness for product

A mascot creates greater brand awareness because it indicates what the brand stands for. The Maharaja, the erstwhile mascot of Air India is and was one of the most memorable mascots in Indian advertising, simply because he stood for the comfort and luxury that the brand promised to deliver.

Sustaining the brand image

Creating a brand image is half the job really! What is probably more important and a little more difficult is sustaining that image. This is something that the Amul butter campaign has served to do very well for over four decades now. With its topical advertisements Amul has held the interest of audiences across India with the Amul moppet at the centre of the message commenting on the latest events and trends in India and the world!

Stimulating and reviving brands

While many people know that the Amul moppet has been part of the advertising campaign and strategy of Amul butter since 1967 few know that the need to reinvent the otherwise dull and boring image of butter per se was one of the main reasons behind the inception of the Amul moppet.

If you have a brand that is struggling to make a mark or one that needs a little push then try creating a mascot to stimulate and revive it!

Product association

A mascot can go well beyond the realm of physical interaction with customers. It can be used for product association in online games, cartoons, toys and comic strips!

Higher Recall Value

Greater recall or creating memorability is every marketer’s aim. Mascots help you do that with ease! What’s more a mascot is an enduring image that unlike a human model or endorser does not age or change with time.

People remember your brand just as it is…fresh, funny and new as ever!

There will always be reasons why you cannot or will not do something but having a mascot has more perks than pitfalls.

P.S: Let me create a mascot for your small business today!