The Five Fastest Growing Industries of Today

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About twenty-five years ago, there were only the so-called traditional jobs for blue-collar and white-collar workers. Now, nine to five office day jobs have been obliterated by the employer’s need to provide the best services available yet save on collateral expenses like office rent and maintenance.  Moreover, the new workforce has been created because of the present demand for services that a normal person can afford to delegate because he is pressed for time or that there is a market for products that can enhance the well-being and health.

With the present setting, here are the five fastest growing industries of today:

Independent Writers and Artists

Being a thesis or copy writer can bring home the bacon, with a good price per page. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Whether scoring a job in print or online media, writers and artists are more exposed than ever to freelance engagements and full-time employment opportunities. You don’t even need to present your curriculum vitae to make the cut. For writers, all you need is your keyboard. For artists, having creativity and the latest software is a must. Writing and animation are most lucrative freelancing work today with almost unlimited options. And, you get paid once your employer likes your work, no questions asked.


If you do not wish to be employed, you can sell your wares at trade fairs and open-air markets. The world is an everyday laboratory for the consumer to try out new products that weren’t heard of before and ideas in tangible form. In return, a fast-rising entrepreneur can always employ young individuals who share his or her passion of the product and idea so that it will sell effectively. In retail, there is always room for everyone.


Due to lack of in-house specialists and resources, most industry players are likely to hire individuals who are excellent in their respective fields and they are always richly rewarded. More often than not, the areas that will have a high consultancy demand are resolution of labor and management conflicts in varying levels, the application of the latest technology and scientific-related areas. An upward trend was seen in these aspects.

Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

As people are becoming more and more concerned about their physical appearance; the industry is experiencing a huge profit. In group-buying sites alone, more consumers are buying by the bulk services that normally will cost you an arm and leg if one would normally walk-in to the dermatologist and inquire what the best beauty treatment is.

The taboo surrounding cosmetic surgery is now lifted and it is acceptable to broadcast that you had enhanced what nature gave you. Hence, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons are enjoying the society’s approval of vanity nowadays.

Call-center Industry

It is inevitable to rely on technical support whenever we encounter problems. Fact is, sometimes we don’t even realize that we just outsource our research to these BPO’s because they can provide results quickly.

Again, these are only five of the many fast-growing industries of the decade that are likely to boom. If yours is not in these, don’t worry; you can participate by doing your best in whatever industry you are in.

This is a post from Ben who works at RNA, an international manufacturer supplying bowl feeders and vision inspection systems.

Image by uuoinc / Flickr