Successful Promo Launch Tips for Retail Stores

successful promo launch
Apple product launch - Image: waltarrrrr / Flickr

Want to attract attention for a new product line, launch, or store or re-launch? Here are some tips for making it a smashing success:

Signage and Displays

Just because you’ve got a promotion on doesn’t mean anyone knows about it. Make sure people know what’s going on through exterior signage and internal signage and displays.  Advertising and merchandising is a vital aspect of launching promotions. If you’re not part of a major chain you may not be able to deal with complex planograms but a little bit of planning and effort can go a long way in helping you promote something specific. External signs and internal signage and displays can  make the difference between a big success and a lukewarm reception.

Learn a bit about effective marketing techniques through banner ads and this can help you increase the efficacy of the banners you use. Colour, for instance, can make a big impact on consumer behaviour. Sign placement and display placement can also make an impact.  Display location can play a part as well.

It’s often said that the right side of a store tends to be where people will gravitate at first. It stands to reason that displays in this area will be paid attention to. You may want to use signage to guide people through the store. Glittery signage can make a big impact and when choosing verbiage and colours, carefully consider your target demographic when you have signs created. Common schools of thought say that red generates appetite, green promotes tranquility, and yellow is eye-catching and exudes happiness. Blue is often said to be a big favourite for all advertising. If you’re using PVC banners, talk to your banner company about options. Technology has enabled a wide array of colour and design options for vinyl.

Social Media

If you’re looking to attract people to your store, social media can be a great way to do it initially as well as be a great way to keep people interested and coming back for more.   By launching a Facebook page, for instance, and promoting it within your store, you can develop an audience that you can regularly market to. The great thing about this advertising medium is the social impact. If someone participates on your page, their online followers will see that activity and this could compel them to click onto your page to learn about you and your promotions as well.  You might also want to start a mailing list. Asking someone for their email address at the cash register can be a great way to do this.

Local Involvement & Adverts

Beyond hoping for attention when people see your signage, try advertising locally as well. Local radio stations, local billboards, and get involved in community initiatives that will help generate attention and interest for your brand as well as to demonstrate your commitment to the area. This can be especially effective in smaller communities where people develop relationships with local businesses, in part, due to their involvement in the community. If you’ve created a PVC banner, carry it in the local Christmas parade as well. Every little bit of community exposure will add up in the eyes of the consumer.


Drawing attention to something new can often be done with freebies and contests. Whether you’re doing social media giveaways (A social media driven contest is a great idea. An example could be that you award random prizes or discount codes to Twitter and Facebook followers.) or decide on doing giveaways in-store via a special customer appreciation event, this can be a great way to get people interested in a product launch and help you develop and deepen meaningful relationships with your customer base.

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