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How Recruitment Services Work

Many job seekers are turning to staffing agencies to help seek employment. They offer many career recruitment services that will help make finding a job easier. More people are struggling each day trying to find a job. Most people probably send 20 or more resumes each week and maybe hear back from two or three companies. Not only is the job search difficult, but also frustrating.

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It’s time to make the switch to a staffing agency and say goodbye to the stress of finding a job on your own. While many people are quick to take advantage of recruitment services, they don’t always know how they work. Here is information on how career recruitment services work.

Working with Job Seekers and Employers

An agency doesn’t just work with job seekers, they’re also working with employers who need to fill positions, but don’t have the time to look at resumes and interview potential employees. This is where the agency steps in.

Staffing agencies will post the job advertisement online, collect resumes and contact people they feel are a good match for the position and company. It’s their job to find a person who has the same skills that match exactly what the employer is looking for.

Companies that are outsourcing human resources to staffing agencies will then choose the right candidates for them. A company can then decide from the ‘pool’ of talents whether they need a Temporary Agency Worker or a full-time employee.

Don’t be afraid to apply for multiple positions. If the staffing agency has three jobs you’re interested in, let them know. They will present you to each client.

Applicant Screening

Looking for a job isn’t easy for many people. The biggest problem people face is what websites or agencies they should turn to to find career opportunities.

Things are often just as tricky for staffing agencies. They’re working hard at filling all the positions for their clients. Their biggest challenge is screening applicants. They begin with bringing in people they feel could potentially be qualified for a position they’re looking to fill. They’ll interview you, run a background check and take any samples the employers want to see. They will quickly eliminate anyone who doesn’t fit the minimum requirement for the position.

If you don’t qualify for that position, they will sit with you and discuss the positions they have that you do qualify for. If you’re interested in those then they will present you to the client. Career recruitment services really do make the job search easier and less stressful.

Staffing agencies work as human resource departments for the company, but as counselors for job seekers struggling to find work. That said, it’s important for you to choose the right agency. With the agency’s help, you can land your dream job – or, to be realistic, at least a job that can lead you to the next level, closer to your goals.


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