Choosing the Right Insurance Company for Your Business Vehicles

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Insuring your business vehicle is a necessary process

Insuring vehicles for a business can be a tricky adventure to delve into, but it is nonetheless a necessary process. Its important to compare online car insurance rates so you know you are getting the greatest value. Business cars serve a variety of functions, including making sure the workers get to and from business meetings, riding in style, and even as advertising material. Insuring any vehicle is an important piece of business that you can’t ignore, and you want to choose a company that will give you the fairest deals. The following five companies have been given rave reviews for their services for company vehicles.

1. Geico. You would recognize Geico right away due to their cute gecko, funny accents and creative commercials, but they are truly a great insurance company to pay for. They have the highest-rated customer service support in the world, and they also have a huge client base, so they often charge low premiums. Their claims agents are almost always easy to talk to on the phone, and they are interested in keeping your business, so they will almost always do what they can for you.

2. Allstate. They say that with Allstate, you’re in good hands. That’s not a lie. Most Allstate customers absolutely love the insurance service they get, and they were the first large-scale insurance company to offer accident forgiveness. Allstate is committed to continued improvements, and they are almost always changing the way people think about and pay for auto insurance. They often offer special discounts for companies who would like to insure multiple vehicles.

3. State Farm. They are the insurance company with the largest client base in North America. More people choose State Farm than any other company, so there is probably a good reason to call them and see what they’re all about. They often give out good discounts, and they will take care of your company vehicles for a low price.

4. Esurance. You probably recognize them for their colorful, animated commercials. Their prices are tough to beat and so is their customer service. They offer friendly service on the phone and in person, and the people who work there are legitimately trying to make a difference for you in any way that they can. You can’t go wrong with Esurance. They’ve been given some of the best reviews out of any insurance company in existence.

5. Amica. This may be a company that you’ve never heard of, because they don’t spend a lot of money in advertisements. Instead, they rely on the good words of their customers to gain more clients. One friend who is satisfied with Amica tells another friend, and before you know it, Amica has become a top company. You may want to call them first since it’s likely that you know the least amount about them.

Auto insurance for company cars can be affordable with the right company. Talk to each of these five companies in person and you’ll no doubt be impressed with all of them in multiple ways. It’s really a matter of personal preference, so choose the right one that you like.

About the Author: Marcie McDonald is an insurance consultant who writes for She recommends checking here for very cheap car insurance rates provided by the best car insurance brokers before making your choice.

Image: JLaw45 / Flickr