How to Establish a Franchise Business in 2012

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Franchising in 2012 - how to be successful
As the fizzing champagne glasses clink and the incandescent fireworks erupt at the turn of each New Year, many people make resolutions and set themselves targets as they seek to reinvigorate or improve their lives. From losing weight to parachuting out of an aeroplane, these resolutions can vary wildly in nature, but one of the most common goals is starting a business.

However, many find themselves floundering at the seeming enormity of the task at hand, and are soon deterred by the level of planning, financial implications and concerns over the prospective business’ potential to prosper. Investment in a franchise business can eliminate these worries, granting the investor the freedom to be their own boss, while retaining all the advantages and perks that come with running one’s own business.

This year is most certainly the right one to finally put those neglected ambitions into action and invest in a franchise, and here’s why:

Many people, upon considering their lofty ambitions of founding a business, are quickly brought back down to earth with a bump as their dreams turn to nightmarish fears of a potentially costly failure. They then turn to their current jobs with a begrudging sense of self-compromise, opting to shun their deep-seated aspirations in favour of persevering with a “˜safer’, albeit far less satisfying, career. However, fears of failure can be eluded by investing in a franchise business which has already proven to be viable and successful; investors can feel assured that their franchise will receive the considerable backing of a thriving business, with an admirable reputation. This is a factor which will substantially diminish possibilities of failure.

Budding business owners of course require considerable aid as they embark upon the tough task of establishing a new business, they will often lack sufficient experience in many aspects of the industry. Upon entering a franchise business, investors will find themselves at liberty to engage with a vast bank of experience and expertise that is required to nurture a franchise, through a comprehensive support structure. New franchisees are granted guidance in all facets of business, including sales, advertising, marketing and much more. An investor linked with a franchise company will receive the company’s support to the fullest extent, as the investor seeks to expand a franchise.This lessens chances of slip-ups, as the investor will always be guided and supported by an experienced franchise company.

Buying a franchise is also far less of a financial struggle than founding a new business from scratch. The main cost of initiating a franchise is the fee paid for it, which is variable dependent on both the scale of the franchise and its location. Payment of this fee grants the investor everything they may require to establish their franchise, such as a website if it is based online, or a shop, restaurant or even offices. Access to the franchise company’s aforementioned extensive support bank is a further, highly useful perk.

Amid such a torrid economic climate, the prospect of starting a franchise is certainly a promising opportunity to found a new business. While start-up businesses struggle to raise the extortionate funds required to afford crippling overheads, with banks being averse to lend to risky new businesses, a franchisee need only pay the franchise fee and will immediately gain the benefits and support of the franchise company. This year is most certainly the year to realise entrepreneurial dreams and join a flourishing franchise business.

About the Author: This article was provided by My Destination, a franchise based network of online travel sites, with franchisees in over 100 destinations around the world, trusted by over 10 million travelers every year.