Top 5 Features of a Virtual Phone System

virtual phone system
Features of virtual phone system
The telephone plays a pivotal role in the success of just about every small business, serving as a primary communication method to reach out to customers. Just because a small operation doesn’t have a huge budget doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the latest in technology to supercharge their communication capability.

A virtual phone system brings Fortune 500 level communication capability to even the smallest of small companies by taking advantage of VOIP technology to bring a great set of features to existing phone lines. For pennies a day, an entrepreneur can use a virtual phone system to better communicate with their customers, vendors, and anyone else that is vital to the success of their operation.

Here are the five top features of a virtual telephone system:

  1. Affordability – With plans starting at under $10 a month, a virtual telephone service provider offers something for any sized company, from the single person operation, to a company with dozens of employees. For just pennies a day, every small business can, and should, use a virtual solution for their communication needs.
  2. Flexibility – By using a secure online interface, you have complete control over how incoming calls are handled, including routing based on time of day, and even who is calling. This means no matter where you currently are, that important customer will be able to reach you. Make changes as often as you see fit, or just leave things as they are – a virtual communication solution offers the flexibility to match the way your company uses the telephone.
  3. Feature-Rich – Not that long ago, if you wanted to have a feature-rich telephone service, you would have to spend thousands of dollars and wind up with a closet full of hardware that would have to be maintained. Today, every entrepreneur can have access to a complete phone service that includes a virtual PBX, the ability to have multiple extensions, call forwarding capability, voicemail service, complete online fax capability, and more for much less than one would expect.
  4. Larger Company Image – With the ability to have one, or more, local phone numbers, as well as toll-free numbers, any small company can appear to be a much larger company. The virtual PBX acts as a virtual receptionist, handling routing of incoming calls just like large corporations do. This allows even a single person operation to set up multiple internal departments to appear as if the enterprise has many employees, when in reality it has only one.
  5. Connect Remote Employees – Many companies today don’t have a physical location, instead allowing employees to work from home, or from other remote locations. A virtual, or cloud-based, telephone service allows remote employees to be connected via a single phone number. Calls are made to one number and then are routed via the virtual PBX auto attendant to the appropriate employee. Not only does this make the company appear as if it is located in a single place, but makes it incredibly easy for a client to reach the right person through a single telephone number.

Virtual telephone services bring powerful communication ability to any sized business, giving every entrepreneur the ability to have a phone system that rivals that of the largest companies. Every company that relies on the telephone as a way to get in touch with customers should consider taking their current phone service to the next level by using an Internet-based communication solution.

About the Author:: As a user of a virtual phone system himself, Marshall Davis understands how powerful of a tool the virtual phone systems are, and how indispensable they can be, for a small business. Visit his Business Service Reviews website at to learn more about virtual telephone solutions, and other online based technologies that help the small business owner operate like a much larger company.