Ways to Get your Business Card Noticed

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Getting your business card noticed
Business cards can be a powerful tool for bringing in new customers, but having a great card printed is only the start. After that, you’ve got to figure out how to get the right people to take one.

Anyone can have a business card printed, but getting them noticed by the right people is a different matter. Aside from making sure your card looks the part, how can you make sure that people are going to pick them up and use them to get in touch? Here are some tips to make your business cards stand out above the rest…

Make sure your cards are good quality

There are plenty of cheap – or cheap-looking – business cards around. Make sure yours isn’t one of them: is that really the impression you want to leave with people? A good quality business card will naturally be a little more expensive, but saving money on them is a false economy. The message you are implicitly handing over with a cheap or poorly-designed card is that you are prepared to cut corners. Not only that, but they don’t last as long and your would-be customers are more likely to throw out something that’s little more than a flimsy piece of paper. Do some comparison shopping on digital print companies to see what they offer, and don’t compromise more than you have to.

Be creative – but not weird

There are some really imaginative business cards around. These designs can go far beyond the rectangle of white card that we’re so used to – take a quick look on the internet for ideas. Cards of all shapes and colours, even materials, are available. By all means go for something a bit different, but only inasmuch as it serves your purposes. Developing a really unusual, innovative and clever design is one thing; opting for something different just for the sake of it says that you’re trying too hard. Make sure it’s relevant to what you do.

Choose the right audience

Advertising isn’t about telling everyone about your business: it’s about telling the right people about what you do. Even the biggest company has a limited marketing budget, and so have to target their advertising to groups who are most likely to respond positively. It’s all about return on investment – whether that investment is time, money or effort. Business cards are no different. Handing them out to everyone you meet indiscriminately is unlikely to result in a good conversion rate. Even giving them to all your friends and family probably won’t have the desired effect. You need to make sure you get them into the hands of people who might genuinely make use of your services. Amongst other things, that means targeting places that have a high proportion of potentially interested people. If you are a physiotherapist, for example, advertising in a gym will result in a greater hit rate than if you display your cards in a supermarket.

Carry your cards with you

Make sure you take a few cards with you at all times. You never know when you’re going to meet someone who might be interested in what you do. Word of mouth and a personal connection are far better than an impersonal medium like a display stand. Once you have already established a relationship, however brief, you are more likely to receive a positive response. Not only that, but you will be able to give your cards only to people who seem genuinely interested.

Make sure they are part of a wider strategy

Business cards handed out personally to interested parties are a great way to attract promising new customers, but unless you’re very lucky it won’t be enough. Make sure it’s part of a wider marketing strategy, both online and offline. Make sure your website is up to scratch and consider having flyers and posters printed at the same time as your business cards, since these are generally distributed and displayed in different ways and reach different demographics.

About the Author: This article was supplied by digital printers printed.com, a supplier of quality business cards and a member of the Direct Marketing Association.