5 Things to Consider before Starting a Business

start a business
Ready to start a business?
To run a business is everyone’s dream. When you take the first step in starting a business, failure might come as hindrance. This post will act as a guide to minimize the odds of failure. With that being said, here are the 5 factors which should be considered before starting a business.


Lack of a better plan is the foremost reason why people fail. Planning is a job and just like completing a job requires a skilled person, planning seems to have no exception. Being natural at planning is something of a gift and most people are bestowed with this gift. Unfortunately none realizes it. Once you are ready to plan or have hired someone to do the job, you need to follow a certain “road map.”

Just follow the below mentioned ideas:

  1. Research about the industry well (more about research in the below paragraph)
  2. Always work your ideas from bottom to top: think about the basic requirements you will need to start your business. Later pounce on the plans which will be required once your business is launched. This includes the marketing strategy without which you should never start a business.
  3. Write down or create visualization for your plan: visualizations are the key to successful planning. They will guide you better and keep you focused on what has to be done.


Researching in and around your industry is mandatory. The concept of research is misunderstood by many. While researching people focus on various strategies to be used losing sight of their competitors. Though the idea of a business is to sell products there is no reason to underestimate your competitors. Know the strategies being employed by your competitors and then create a strategy to beat them. Researching the market in this manner will save time and energy.

Locate hungry crowds

Every business has group(s) of hungry crowd to which they cater. Generally they are known as consumers. Knowing your hungry crowds is the first step towards success. The hard part comes in locating the hungry crowd. However, with a little common sense and knowledge about your consumers, locating them need not be a tiresome experience. To give you a picture of locating consumers for your business let us consider the example of a restaurant. Let us say that your restaurant is located in NY and specializes in Chinese foods. Naturally, your consumers would be both Chinese living in NY and Yorkers who love Chinese dish. This example was easily said but depending upon your business it can be hard to locate your hungry crowd.

Reaching consumers

Marketing is dynamic in nature and has gone through many faces in the past decade. A marketing strategy should be well prepared and executed before launching your business. You need to have sound knowledge in marketing to come up with an idea that will reach your hungry crowd. To be short and precise, businesses should reach consumers.. Of course I do not advice knocking on every consumer’s door. But creating a portal that could provide ease in reaching your customers would be of value. The portal in discussion is a website. Through a website you can reach the hungry crowd and create difference in the way you do business.

With hosting charges so low and the cutting edge you gain in the market, I do not see any reason to ignore the usage of a website. If you are worried about the huge charges involved in hosting I would recommend taking a look at Webhostingpad and Register.com. They have some great discounts which are irresistible.

Sought after product/service

Make sure that the product or service you are trying to sell is much sought after. Though there are buyers for everything, unless a product/service is in demand you will eventually lose. Make sure that the demand increases or create a demand for your product/service. Yes, you heard it right; demand for a product/service can be created if it caters and satisfies people on a larger scale.

As mentioned before, these tips will guide you in starting a business. Luckily, failure has many more tips to expose. Therefore embrace failure and move ahead.

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