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How to Handle Small Business Customer Care and Support like a Pro

customer support

Tips on managing customer requests, claims, and complaints better

As we all (should) know, taking a good care of customers’ requests, complaints or claims is essential in your business success. Neglecting theirs would lead to dissatisfied customers, and believe me, you don’t want to ignore dissatisfied customers, as you would need to clean up the mess when they openly rants in open forums online and on customer review sites, such as

While you can have as many customer service staffs as you want – in-house or outsource – but the key in prompt response to customer support requests and such is in your ability to track each and every request.

You definitely need a software to help you handle issue tracking well. One of such software is Comindware Tracker workflow management software.

What a workflow management software can do for you?

Comindware Tracker is a web-based tool allowing you to automate workflow processes, issue tracking, and task management – simple and secure. If you are familiar working with Microsoft Outlook, then you will feel at home as the look and feel of the tool is similar to Outlook’s.

So, not only you can track your customers’ inquiries, requests, etc. you can actually create workflow process for almost every aspect of your business.

For me, the key feature of Comindware Tracker is the visual design and automation of the workflow processes.

Visually, you can get the big picture of the whole process, and you can adjust and refine it easily via drag-and-drop – no programming skills required. With regard to automation, the system will automatically generate the next step tasks at each process step, helping you to get things done quickly. Actually, you can automate almost everything, including management of workflow process and issue tracking for different departments in your organisation – all done in a single web-based app.

Such capabilities will allow us to build workflow in such a way that responding to requests can be done in the most effective and efficient manner.

What’s more, you can manage and assign the staffs in charge on specific tasks and projects. With the collaboration features available, each team member will be able to communicate with the others effectively.

I mentioned that Comindware Tracker looks and feels like working with Microsoft Outlook; well, you can actually integrate your account with Microsoft Outlook, allowing your team members to collaborate and work with Comindware tasks straight from Outlook.

I recommend you to try Comindware Tracker workflow management software (it’s free to try!) and do let me know what you think of the web-based tool!

Ivan Widjaya
On doing customer care and support like a real pro!

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