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Email marketing tips for fitness business
Fitness industry is a lucrative, yet competitive one. When marketing to an audience in health and fitness market, you need to focus on personalization and giving information on what the audience is really want to know in a non-salesy way. One of the ways to do those is via email newsletters. Charles Mburugu offers you some great email marketing tips related to the fitness industry. Enjoy!

Email newsletters can be a very powerful tool in fitness marketing. Newsletters are advantageous for several reasons:

  • Personal – One of the benefits of a newsletter is that it helps you build relationships. It gives you the chance to communicate with your prospects one-on-one.
  • Informative – Most people subscribe for newsletters with the aim of learning. An email newsletter therefore offers you the opportunity to share your expert knowledge in a personal and fun way
  • Generate business – You need to remember that the primary reason for creating a newsletter is to generate business. However, if your newsletter is just one big advertisement for your products, then people won’t be interested in reading it. There is no use in having 3,000 subscribers if 2,924 delete the newsletter even before opening it.

Please keep in mind, those advantages are meaningless without proper email marketing strategy and tactics.

The following are some tips which will help you succeed with an email newsletter.

1. Make subscription easy

Have a form on your site where people can subscribe for your newsletter. Makes sure you also have an invitation to subscribe in your email signature. Since there are many free newsletters being offered nowadays, you need to find a way of enticing people to opt-in. As an incentive, you can offer subscribers a complementary fitness course or a killer free report.

2. Share your contacts

Have your special offer, as well as website and email address on all your documents. This includes business cards, direct mail, invoices, receipts etc.

3. Encourage subscribers to forward the newsletter

Use special offers to entice your subscribers to share the newsletter with their friends. For instance, you could offer a monthly prize for the highest number of email addresses submitted to you. After gathering these addresses, send an email inviting the people to subscribe. Remember to reveal the identity of the individual who referred them.

4. Build backlinks

Establishing joint ventures and strategic alliances online is a very effective marketing strategy. Backlinks will help improve your ranking in search engines, and thus enhance traffic to your site. One of the best ways of building backlinks is through writing articles for other sites or blogs. Many health and fitness publications online are looking for fresh and original content. When you write content for such publications, most of them will allow you to have a bio at the end with a link pointing back to your site. Writing content for other sites has been a very useful way of building backlinks to my blog which offers weight watchers discounts and Bistro md coupons.

5. Engage with others in forums

There are hundreds of forums and message boards which address health and fitness related issues. Visit them regularly not only to learn, but also to share your expert opinion in the ongoing discussions. Remember to include your newsletter offer in the signature file. When people recognize you as an authority in your field, they would be willing to subscribe for your newsletter to learn more.

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