Top Press Release Ideas to Put a Spring into Your Business

press release ideas
How to make the most of your press release
We’ve gathered our top four hot press release ideas guaranteed to put a little Spring into your business this season, time to see your business bloom.

Your business is constantly pumping out worthy news, a lot of which journalists would love to cover. However, it is identifying the most effective news that most of us find hard, the real knack it seems is in separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak., one of the leading distribution platforms have helped make this a little easier by collecting and sharing their top press release ideas to help get you started.

1. Launching a new collection or product?

Clothing and Fashion brands normally launch news collections as soon as the spring air is in full flow. It is the perfect opportunity to tell the media about your new products and what’s happening within your company.

This kind of news normally won’t get your business national coverage, unless it has a revolutionary, but it’s more suited for niche blogs and relevant sites that specifically cover your sector. New fashion trends can be a huge niche hit.

Another example would be a D.I.Y store launching “a new range of tools perfect for Spring”, this type of news would be best suited on Do It Yourself and gardening blogs. websites etc.

Top tip: Try to angle your press releases to target sector related sites.

2. National Events & Festivities

National Calendar events such as Easter open up opportunities for your business to combine company news and capture some of the festivity media coverage.

A good example would be an independent chocolatier creating the biggest chocolate egg or a local business hosting a celebrity egg race. This by far is one of the easiest ways in which to publicise your brand through a festive event without having to be fully relevant to your product.

3. Seasonal Promotions with a twist

Spring is one of the best times to launch a new offer or discount, it brings in new customers who have not purchased products from you before and keeps current members loyal to your brand.

Unless you’re a huge brand that people love, the chances are that a 10% discount won’t get you any real coverage in the media. BUT if you can offer a unique twist to your discount which has not been done before you could soon be grabbing those headlines.

Own a relatively large store, Easter egg hunt anyone? 40% discount for the winner?

4. Competitions with a unique twist

Everyone loves a good competition and they never fail to drum up a decent amount of coverage by word of mouth. But you could increase your chances of getting covered by your local media by integrating a unique twist to how people enter.

The traditional way of entering a competition is usually answering a question by SMS, Post, Phone or Letter. Why not accept entries in the form of a Video which you could then host on your website and get customers to vote the winner.

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