Cash for Mobile Phones: How Mobile Phone Recycling benefits Your Small Business

cash for mobile phone
Mobile recycler can help your small business in many ways
Small business owners – do you want to go green, support a charity and make money from your junk? If your answer is yes, read on.

Now, if you have a company policy stating that every staff should receive a mobile phone from the company as a business productivity tool – and upgrade each after a certain period of time – you need a way to dispose old mobile phones.

And yes, throw them in a garbage bin is either illegal or not a good recycling practice. Treat them just like any other electronic junk, hire a disposal company and pay for it? A good environmental-friendly practice, but it costs you money.

How about actually making money selling your old mobile phones? Now that’s a better idea!

Cash for mobile phones

Did you know that you can make money from your old mobile phones? Well, may be not making money as in real business, but at least you can recover some of your investment you can use for other business purposes.

That’s right – you should consider mobile phone recycling, “trading in” cash for mobile phones. How things work is actually pretty straightforward: You “sell” your old mobile phones to mobile phone recyclers.

Recycling your old mobile phones is indeed a good business practice:

1. Go green, reduce clutters

Recycling your old electronic devices is not only a sensible eco-friendly business practice (electronic wastes are dangerous to the environment!) but also a great way to reduce clutters in your business premise.

2. Get cash disposing old mobile phones

Did you know that 7 percent of mobile phone owners still throw away their old phones? Well, they should read this article! Recycling your mobile phones in exchange for cash will help you recover some of your expenditures in acquiring the mobile phones. You can use the cash to purchase new mobile phones for your staff, if you want to…

In every sense, mobile phone recycling is a great solution for businesses. Now, since there are plenty of mobile recycler options, your next job is to decide to whom you will send your old mobile phones.

How to choose the right mobile phone recycling company

When recycling your old mobile phones, you need to consider a couple of things: Will you get top dollar from your mobile phones? Is your mobile phone model accepted by a mobile recycler? …and some other things to consider. The bottom line, which mobile recycler company should I send my old mobile phones to?

From some of the mobile phone recyclers I have reviewed before, I would actually like to recommend you Top Dollar Mobile. Here are some upsides I learn from the company website:

1. Rated as “Best Overall” by Good Housekeeping magazine – February 2011 Edition, offering the highest prices compared to the other selected recycling websites. Also rank first on

2. If you recycle in bulk, Top Dollar Mobile will offer you courier collection service, with free postage and envelope.

3. Top Dollar Mobile claims to offer the most extensive mobile phone models to recycle compared to its competitors.

4. Involved in charity

Top Dollar Mobile donates a portion of the profit to World Vision, a Spanish-based charity organization. So, when you recycle your mobile phone to Top Dollar Mobile, you are actually supporting a good cause.

You can learn more about the mobile recycling service from the official website –

Are you ready to take action?

Why wait? Recycling your old mobile phones has plenty of benefits, beyond receiving cash for mobile phone. When you recycle, you are taking a proactive approach in becoming a greener business.

Ivan Widjaya
On how to sell your old mobile phones for cash