Essential Tips to Improve Your Business’ Fire Safety

fire safety tips
Fire safety tips for your business
If you are a UK business owner then you should know that the fire safety of your premises is your responsibility. There was a big change to The Regulatory Reform Order which took place in 2005 and combined a lot of fire safety regulations into one and put business owners in charge of their own fire safety. The change in regulation became law and if you do not meet them you risk being prosecuted.

If you feel your fire safety is not up to scratch or you would just like to improve for extra safety of your employees and premises then I have provided some helpful information below that could be very useful for you and your business.


There is a huge amount of help and information online and doing some research is key to ensure you know what you are doing when it comes to implementing your own fire safety plan. A fire risk assessment is a key part of The Regulatory Reform Order and you should have some basic fire safety knowledge if you are going to perform your own. By spending some time researching fire safety techniques and what to look for when performing a fire risk assessment will help you greatly when you come to undertake your own. It may also be beneficial to look up fire safety for a similar premises as yours or contact other similar businesses to see how they deal with their fire safety.

Fire Risk Assessment Form

This simple but effective tool can really help you with a risk assessment procedure, you can download a form for free online and the simple layout will ensure you record any findings correctly so when you come to implement fire precautions it is a lot easier. These records can also be shown to employees so they are aware of what has been carried out. In addition to this, if a fire safety inspector was to visit your workplace then these simple forms would be sufficient enough to show that you are meeting The Fire Safety Order regulations.

Fire Risk Assessment Software

The main benefit of fire risk assessment software is that it can help you through an assessment step by step making the whole procedure more simple and the easier it is to perform an assessment the better the results will be. Although fire risk assessment software is a great bit of kit it cannot do the assessment for you, every premises is unique so you must still assess your premise by hand and note down identified hazards yourself.

Fire Consultants

The benefits of hiring a fire consultant are pretty self explanatory, they are the professionals. Having a fully qualified fire consultant assess your premises and manage a fire safety plan for your workplace ensures the safety is at its highest. You can have peace of mind that everything possible has been done to keep you, your staff and your premises safe from fire, as well as this you will have sufficient documentation to show a safety inspector and a planned out emergency evacuation plan.

Fire Warden Training

Fire safety training courses for you or your employees has to be the biggest benefit for all businesses. Training ensures you have a highly trained individual on duty at all times that has sufficient knowledge to manage your fire safety plan. After training the individual would be able to perform regular fire risk assessments and manage a fire safety and evacuation plan. Fire warden training is also a very simple procedure and can be carried out by a fire consultant in a few hours at your own workplace.

For more help and tips with fire risk assessment or fire warden training then please contact UK Fire Safety Solutions.

Image: Steve A Johnson / Flickr