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Murray Newlands (Future of Publishing) and Ramon de Leon (Domino's Pizza)

In this Future of Publishing episode, host Murray Newlands talks social media with Ramon De Leon of Domino’s Pizza. Ramon has long used the Internet to communicate with customers, starting in 1998 when he used AIM for customer service.

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De Leon uses social media to engage with customers by using it for direct communication. In 2009, De Leon reached out to a customer who was angry that there was a mistake with her pizza after she complained about it on Twitter. He went down to his pizzeria filmed a two-minute apology and sent it to her. The video got over a million views and was covered by mainstream media with a positive angle.

Social content

De Leon produces social content for his customers which they then share with their friends. He does this by filming quick shots of the pizza-making process. Then, he sends the video to customers and they often share it on Facebook and Twitter. This directly produces more sales because oftentimes their friends and followers will order a Domino’s pizza after seeing the video.

Perhaps more importantly, though, it lets customers connect with their product by seeing it actually being made. This increases their satisfaction with the pizza, makes them perceive their pizza as more valuable, and it probably makes them more likely to order more pizza from Domino’s in the future. Furthermore, they don’t expect to get a video made for them so it makes them feel like they’re getting something for free, and that Domino’s really cares about them and their needs.

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