Why Marketing Project Managers Should Invest in Design

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It is practically impossible to separate Marketing Project Management and design in business. Marketing Project managers need to integrate design thinking into management to establish an inclusive and iterative style of work. The benefit of this approach is manifested in an improved workflow and productivity.

Marketing management design concepts guide all decision made with regard to the brand, which include a market driven focus in project management, product-driven organization and creative brand-focus all working in tandem to secure a competitive edge in the market.

Marketing management calls for synchrony of the various functional units of the business. At the operations level proper design implementation can be seen in strong interactions with clients or users to compliment market research and requirements definition. At the strategic level, design management is manifested in a collaborative, iterative and motivational- focused way of leadership and directing.

More and more organizations are employing design as a strategic marketing tool that works towards product differentiation, product quality and brand equity. Social work management software is one success story of creative design management. Such product from At Task and other leading project management solutions providers has incorporated popular social media features into project management software to great effect. The results have been a data-rich environment which is the key to faster reporting and resolution of issues and other decision making activities.

Design leadership’s influence on project management

When a marketing project manager proactively creates or fosters an environment that encourages creation of innovative and visionary solutions, they can be said to be implementing design leadership. The accomplishments of such a leader can only be achieved through work and data management structures creatively put together to ensure effective communication, resource allocation and market- cantered approach to development.

The net effect will always be a better project management experience culminating to a superior and competitive product.

About the Author: This article is written by Nathan Nead.