5 Marketing Tips to Kick Start Your Business

small business marketing tips
B2B marketing tips for your small business
The challenge of marketing a B2B business is significantly different from marketing a consumer business. Content and media marketing are often used by consumer businesses for the purposes of educating and appealing to customers and have achieved great success.

Today, B2B businesses are learning from their consumer cousins and are attempting to market their businesses in the same way but for any B2B marketing to achieve success, it is necessary for a business to follow these five simple tips:

1. Setting Goals

When experimenting with marketing tools, such as social media, it is essential for a business to be adaptable. However, this is not to say that a business should not set goals, define their audience and structure their approach. Through extensive planning, a business can aid themselves in their evaluation and scaling of marketing projects.

2. Empathising With Audiences

Businesses that consider their marketing projects solely as a distribution channel for promotion will fail to provide their target audience with the value that they so desire. To achieve success, B2B marketers must strive to empathise with their audience’s needs, goals and interests. Looking at marketing projects from a prospect’s point of view will aid B2B marketers in developing marketing campaigns that serve to facilitate engagement. This is particularly important when running social media and content driven marketing campaigns.

3. Providing Value

B2B marketers should always provide their target audience with something of value before they expect sales in return. It is wise for businesses to discover precisely what their target audience considers to be valuable as this will aid the creation of a marketing campaign. When a business delivers useful information, they should take steps to listen to the way in which their audience has responded and make any necessary adjustments to their campaigns.

4. Promoting Promotions

Many B2B marketers concentrate on investing considerably in the marketing campaigns themselves and fail to budget for promoting the promotions themselves. It is widely believed that, if a marketing campaign is good, it will attract attention and engagement with little effort. However, this is a naïve perspective to take and assumes that a business has a pre-existing community of followers. Social media campaigns allow for optimum promotion of promotions. A B2B business that is able to consistently produce, optimise, socialise, and promote high quality content will benefit from community promotion as the community will respond to the content through sharing, engagement and sales requests.

5. Analysing Marketing Campaigns

B2B marketers should take the time to continually monitor the success of their marketing campaigns. When engaging in social media campaigns, businesses must place themselves inside of the social media cycle. Once content has been created, shared and promoted, it should attract a following. This following will share the content with their own set of followers and, in theory, the community should grow. To continue to see growth, a business must continue to engage with their audience and improve their marketing techniques. If they fail to do this, their initial marketing efforts will prove futile.

About the Author: Joel Harrison, editor at www.b2bmarketing.net – bringing B2B Marketers together in one community.