Using the Cloud to Cut Down on Paper

cloud computing for business
Go paperless with cloud computing services
‘The cloud’ is the biggest news in business IT since the introduction of broadband. As broadband speed has increased and smartphones have become more capable, the potential for cloud applications grows every day. Not only does this spell increased efficiency and data security, but the need for paper in the workplace becomes less as a consequence.

Here are just 3 paper saving applications already available.

Data backup

The most obvious is data backup. Simply put, the need for paper copies of documents is dramatically reduced when they are backed up on secure off-site servers managed by professional technicians. Any data stored in the cloud is far safer than physical file cabinets packed to the rafters.

As all good cloud servers are backed up elsewhere the likelihood of your data getting lost in the cloud is far less than your paper files going up in flames.

Workforce management

In a world where remote working is becoming more and more common, the need for records to track who went where for what and why grows with it. Once this might have meant accruing endless forms and records to be submitted when the worker returns to HQ, smartphones mean that using the right app workers can submit worklogs, timesheets and reports wherever they are.

As such, paperwork is rendered obsolete, and the efficiency of the reporting process is increased ten-fold. Reports submitted to the cloud will be made immediately available to those that need them rendering off-site reporting a near real-time process.

Even better, rather than being emailed to one person who would then need to file the report, if they are stored in the cloud, reports can be uploaded to the appropriate folder, removing the need for filing.

Signature capture

Using smartphones, visual records including signatures and photographs of work completed can now be gathered by workers and uploaded to the cloud for immediate viewing by both customer and business.

This is tremendously useful where signatures are required – for deliveries, inspections and service calls where the customer must acknowledge receipt of goods or services. The ability to attach photographs may be essential in logging proof of completed works.

Best of all, the entire process is paperless, fast and safe.

Adopting cloud based business applications like these makes your data more secure than ever before, and your processes more efficient than ever before. They open up the potential to save dramatically on paper, ink and printer costs as well as cutting down on staff time required for filing.

About the Author: The article is written by Nick Lewis. Find out more about electronic signature capture at GoMobilize.

Image: vichie81