5 Advantages That Cloud Computing Will Bring to Your Company

For the past decade or so, individuals and also businesses have used cloud computing to help them store large volumes of data. In the 21st century, where almost everyone has volumes of data that needs to be preserved, old methods of data storage have become inadequate.

It’s no longer convenient for people to store all their sensitive data in their in-house computers. Apart from inadequate storage in computers, the security of some information is also in question.

Casual businesswomen using cloud computing

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Many companies now offer innovative cloud technology services, and they are no longer dominated by US-based ones. For example, n’cloud.swiss , based in Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland, is the Swiss cloud alternative to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud & Co.  The main benefit of this trend? Service accessibility, regardless of your business’ physical location.

Below are some of the biggest advantages of using cloud computing in your company:

1. Advanced Security

When people keep their information only stored on their computer, cybercrime is rampant. This is due to the minimal security measures taken to ensure that the stored data is secure. For instance, the average person will only have a password to their computer, and a perhaps scattered on hidden pieces of paper here and there. Even though these kinds of security measures have been relied on for long, they’re certainly not crime-proof.

There are cases where systems have been hacked and serious information has been leaked. Some sensitive data like customers’ details and financial statements would rather be kept in a more secure storage. This is where cloud computing comes in. Data is stored in off-site cloud storage to be accessed when necessary and only by authorized parties.

2. Cost Effective

The cost of investing in cloud storage may seem high due to high initial costs. However, once the initial set-up is done, the cost of storage can adapt and raise to the level of your business. This is because most cloud storage plans are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means that there is no one fixed charge, but rather you only pay for what you need. In the long-term, this will save you the cost of storage, since you will not be forced to pay for services that you do not need.

Again, the charges are applied to the amount of space you use. You first determine how much space is enough for your clients, and the rest of the data, then you can pay for only that. The service providers do not charge users for space that they are not using. In terms of accessibility, cloud storage allows you to easily access all your data promptly to save time. In the long-run, these conveniences translate to higher return on investment.

3. High Mobility

Unlike in-house computers which are at a fixed location, cloud storage is accessed in the virtual space. This means that one is able to access data via their smart devices anywhere in the world, as long as they’re connected. For instance, if you urgently need to retrieve some information, yet are away from the office, you can do so from wherever you are. The convenience of not having to rush back to the office or home is a huge time saver.

Sometimes in-house machines may develop technical problems which paralyze data retrieval for a while. During these inevitable occurrences, it’s possible to access whatever information you need through any smart device. Also, sales staff who are usually out in the field can easily access necessary information from wherever.

The cloud allows employees to connect to you from anywhere

4. Data Loss Prevention and Ease of Recovery

There are a lot of ugly incidents that result in data loss, and other data-theft related problems such as embarrassment to clients and the resulting lawsuits and impact on your brand reputation. These problems can start because of unpredictable natural calamities to common power outages. If your company has not invested in cloud storage, then these occurrences may lead to major downtime which is not good for business. Having your data secured in a cloud space will not only prevent data loss, but also provide quick recovery when data is compromised.

5. Collaboration Boost

Teamwork is very important for the success of any business. If you work with more than two employees in your company, then you run a team. Seamless sharing of information across the board is the key to great collaboration and productivity. Using cloud storage for all your data will enable for better and faster collaboration. Sharing of information will never be limited by geographical boundaries.

Traditional methods of data storage are still available for use. However, the benefits of adopting a cloud storage for your business are numerous and those mentioned above are all the reason any business needs to make the leap and get started with this technology.