5 Brochure Design Ideas for Your Small Business

brochure design ideas
Brochure design ideas for small business

Small business owners – are you ready for summer sale campaign? While preparing for riding the tide, you must not forget one important thing that will support your products and services sale: Brochures.

Brochures are great ways to get your brand sticks to your potential customers’ mind. Great combinations of layout, colour, typography, design elements, and – of course – wordings can get your brand buzzed by online and offline audience. How so?

A well-designed brochure is a keeper. And when a brochure is well-kept, your mission accomplished. If you design your brochure well, you might end up having your business name published online on business publications, design blogs, and – of course – social media.

With that being said, designing and printing your own brochures are not recommended – unless you are a graphic designer yourself or actually run a printing business. The basic rule of thumb says that it’s better to invest on great brochure design and get yours printed by reputable printing services than bootstrapping every process and having your brochures end up in trash bins.

In brochures, message is the key, but design is the first thing brochure holder will see; so, it’s crucial to have uniquely designed brochures that stand out above the rest. Well, if you are looking for brochure ideas, you are in luck: Here are 5 unique brochure design inspirations I discovered while browsing the web. Enjoy!

Brochure design ideas

Here are 5 cool brochure design ideas that I think stand out above the rest…

1. Motor City Muscle Car Museum brochure

Motor City Muscle Car Museum brochure
Design by Company Folders for Motor City Muscle Car Museum

The most distinctive part of this creatively designed automotive museum brochure is the die-cut abstract pattern on the inside spine. Much like a pop-up book, it sticks up from the pages for a fun three-dimensional effect. The geometric, machinery-like pattern goes well with the theme of technology and industry that is central to the Motor City Muscle Car Museum.

2. Biolab brochure

The colour, the layout and the die cut: Everything oozes creativity and boost visual identity of the organization.

biolab brochure design
Design by Carvalhar for Biolab

3. Simplicity Works brochure

Simplicity Works’ self-promotional brochure shows why they are the right offset printing company to partner with: It’s simple, typography-based brochure design I think every small business can get idea from.

simplicity works brochure design
Design by Simplicity Works

4. San Francisco Ballet brochure

A classic and everlasting type of brochure: Colourful, pop-up, and well-designed thematic graphic design elements. This brochure is designed back in 1999, but it still makes great brochure for today’s small business.

nutcracker brochure design
1999 Pop-up Nutcracker brochure, design by Ziller Design

5. The Boston Museum brochure

This BoMu (a popular shorthand for The Boston Museum) is one of the great examples of how a brochure can draw attention: Using bright colour and incorporating simple design. Unfortunately, I can’t peek what’s inside, but in term of cover, it succeeds in its purpose of drawing people’s attention to – at least – pick it up.

the boston museum brochure design
Design by Corey McPherson Nash for The Boston Museum

Bonus: TVNZ 7 brochure

Die-cutting your brochure to match your business logo: Smart but certainly not easy to design! This unique TVNZ 7 brochure comes in the form of a triangle. Unfolding the triangle will gives you a layout in the form of “7” – it matches the company logo and similar in the way it’s animated on the TV identity.

tvnz 7 brochure design
Design by Thomas Pavitte for TVNZ 7

There you go – some brochure design ideas to help you buzz your brand and acquire new customers in the upcoming summer sale season! Let’s get down to work and good luck in your branding endeavour!

Ivan Widjaya
Brochure design ideas