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Live and work - anytime, anywhere
Do you want to live and run your business from any part of the world, anytime you want? Well, if you ask me, my answer would be “oooh yeah!” And if you are wondering whether that is possible or not, my answer would be “most definitely!” I’ve done it, and am going to do take things further.

Working at home is possible for me – what next?

I “employ” many freelancers, and currently considering hiring a dedicated VA (virtual assistant) for my web business. When that happens, I can leverage my time even more, in such a way that I can pursue other web-based business opportunities. I thought that working at home is the ultimate goal of what I am doing. Well, I was wrong – I set my goal conservatively; I need to make my goals more challenging; I want better work-life balance. I just realized that what I am really doing right now – running my web business from home – can lead me to another path, thanks to mobile technology.

It all started with an iPad. I bought one some moments ago because honestly I will use it to play some games with my kids. However, to justify my purchase as a business purchase (lol) I started to find ways to run my web business right from my iPad. I learned that there are plenty of business and productivity apps I can use to run my web business.

Then the reality struck: I CAN live and run my business anywhere, anytime I want!

A new journey: Running my business anywhere, anytime

I was traveling to Singapore a few months ago, and although the travel was for leisure purpose (I do need a mini-break – I felt a bit burnt out at that moment…) I took the opportunity to test-drive mobile working activities. I finally bring my iPad loaded with apps that I think can help me run my web business right from my iPad. I conclude that, yes, it’s very much possible! With a WiFi connection and an iPad, I can run my business from anywhere I want.

Those changed my mindset; as I have made working at home possible for me, my next plan is to make working in a location independent way a reality. The key lies in transforming my work habit so it’s more “compatible” with mobile working.

So, I set out in a new journey – a mobo (mobile bohemian) or digital nomad lifestyle. While traveling all the time is not possible as I have a family of four to go with my business, I think it’s possible to live in some place for a month or two a couple of times in a year, along with multiple mini-breaks (or mini-retirements if you like, as mentioned by Tim Ferriss) while managing my business from my iPad.

Join my journey!

If you are interested in my journey and want to follow how I can do it – including the trials-and-errors I did – then you can visit and bookmark my new blog established for that particular purpose, Mobopreneur.com. It is a blog about mobile entrepreneurship, documenting my journey, as well as giving you my tips on how to run your business on the go and life a digital nomad lifestyle.

Ivan Widjaya
I am always a Noobpreneur, but I am also a Mobopreneur now!
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