Thank You Postcard Design Ideas for Your Small Business

business postcard ideas
Postcards are a classic, effective ways to send your messages to the recipient. Commonly used for communication purposes and special occasion invitations, you can also use print postcards as thank you cards for your business. Indeed, postcards can be effective tools to appreciate your customers’ business, as well as strong marketing tools to retain, even attract new customers.

And yes, just like any other effective marketing tools, you want your postcard to be worth keeping, or at least worth glancing a few seconds more than the rest.

If you are looking for thank you postcard ideas to send to your customers, this article can help you with just that! I have done my research, and discovered that of the 100s “thanks for your business” postcard design ideas, only a handful that I think stand above the rest.

Without further adieu, here are 5 “thank you” postcard design ideas you can use:

1. Cartoon postcard

Well-designed cartoon postcards are attention-grabbing due to the design. Add funny message to that, you can expect your customers will keep yours, even share with their colleagues, family and friends.

cartoon postcard design
Design by Harrison Greetings

2. Thank you + promotional postcard

Saying thank you for your client’s business is wonderful, but adding a bit of promotional to go with your thank you postcards is simply smart!

marketing thank you postcard design

3. Thematic postcard

Thank you postcards that show your business’ unique design elements can help your branding endeavour.

unique postcard design
Design by csinvitations / Zazzle

4. Black and white postcard

Black-and-white postcard is always striking. Usually emphasising on design elements, these kinds of artsy thank you postcards are worth-keeping.

black and white postcard design
Design by tanyapecora / Zazzle

5. “Designer” postcard

Typically simple in design, a “designer” thank you postcards shout “keep me!” to the recipients. If you can say thank you while adding a bit of promotional messages inside, these kinds of postcards will help you gain repeat customers.

designer postcard
Design by The Thought Broiler / Pinterest

I’m sure there are a lot more thank you postcards that are probably better-designed than the five I suggest above… so, if your business has incorporated thank you postcards in your customer relationship campaign, please share your design and message!

Ivan Widjaya
On creative “thank you” postcards for business