QR Code Business Card Ideas for Small Business

QR Code Business Card Ideas for Small Business

qr code business cards
LinkedIn QR Code business card

QR codes continue to grow in popularity as a way to market your products and services. Supported with the strong mobile trends, QR codes’ impact for your marketing campaigns will enhanced accordingly.

Now, when we talk about where to ’embed’ the QR codes, we always think a bit too creative; “Let’s print it on a huge vinyl wall sticker and put it on our office building from top to bottom!” “Let’s have them sent via Bluetooth whenever someone is near enough to our store.” Those are creative and can work effectively, but often, things won’t work as effectively as your traditional media, such as business cards.

Indeed, business cards are not dead! In fact, their function has evolved from that-little-boring-piece-of-card-but-nothing-else to attention-grabbing, buzz-making, lead-generating marketing tools. QR codes fit perfectly for those purposes.

Well, people always think about using unique business card materials with custom die-cuts, embossing, etc. Those are great, but if you are a budget-conscious kind of small business owners (gee, aren’t we all?) you might want to print Business Cards with your QR codes embedded on standard square-shaped business cards with style.

If you are intrigued, here are 5 simple, yet effective QR code business card design ideas for you – enjoy!

1. Motor City Chop Shop business card

This modern, technology-inspired business card uses a cool azure-blue color scheme to blend the QR code in with the rest of the design. It’s still very prominent and easy to notice, but it doesn’t feel out of place with the other design elements.

Motor City Chop Shop QR code card
Image from Company Folders

2. AppWare business card

This thematic business card shows what AppWare is all about – the unique business cards with a smartphone-like look are reportedly getting AppWare online buzz and new business. The QR code on the flipside just can’t go wrong – QR code and smartphones are a match made in heaven!

appware business card
Image from – design by Richard Eaton / AppWare.co.uk

3. Katie Carroll music promo card

A great business card idea for music artists promoting their work. Also a great idea for anyone who wants to incorporate QR codes to get people access to your free products, services and content.

I particularly like this idea simply because the business cards serve their purposes in straightforward manner, no fuss: Get people to do what you want (which is accessing your content.)

promotional qr code business card design
Image from 708 Media

4. 23rd5th business card

The QR code in this business card also acts as a design element, along with the “Meet Day” word. A good colour variation compared to the classic QR code colour of black-and-white.

qr code business card design idea
Image from – design by

5. ME&Serendipity business card

When you glance over the business card, your focus draws on the ‘heart’ logo inside the QR code. Yes, with careful design you can get your QR code looks better while preserving its purpose.

qr code business card design idea
Design by ME&Serendipity

Bonus: LinkedIn QR Code networking card

My personal favourite – simple, professional, and love the QR code with the red dot above the word LinkedIn (and yes, despite it’s non regular QR code form, it’s readable – smart!)

linkedin business cards
Image from Behance.net

Of course, there are many creative QR code business card design out there on the web. So, if you are using QR code for your business cards, please share your design!

Ivan Widjaya
QR Code business cards rock!

Ivan Widjaya

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