How to Turn an Image Into a QR Code and Redefine Sharing Images With Your Friends and Family?

As the known medium for sharing images in various messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, and more sometimes bring out pixelated versions after being uploaded to the platform, the quality of the image being sent and downloaded by the receiver downgrades.

Because of the issue, many users resort to sharing their images through different file sharing apps and do more extra steps to successfully share their images to the receiver’s devices.

Visual QR code

But as these extra steps are can be a hassle for some people, the search for having a faster means to share their photos without worrying about the receiving device compatibility started.

With the high price tag online storage providers offer to users who want to store and share their files or images with others, many tech enthusiasts are taking their smartphone’s capacity to scan and decode information from QR codes into new heights by embedding images to it.

Due to their avid persuasion to simplify today’s photo sharing means that ensure the quality of the image, the image QR code solution rises and revolutionize the way images are tethered to other devices.

Scanning a QR code using a smartphone

Image QR code: Definition and Function

An image QR code is a type of a QR code solution that allows a user to embed images in PNG, and JPEG format and transform them into a QR code.

This QR code solution is best use for areas that have limited space like a postcard and more. Through the use of a QR code generator with logo online, anyone can create professional image QR codes and start adding them in their business, academic, and personal means.

Ways on how you can share your image QR code to your family and friends

QR codes have fully revolutionized the way people encode and decode data by scanning them through their smartphones, simplifying today’s image sharing means is can be utilized in these two notable ways.

Place it in holiday cards

Keeping your family updated with your holiday ventures from other states or country is now can be done easily by simply sending them holiday cards that contain a message about your journey.

As most families want to see your photos when you update them, the use of an image QR code can help you send your photos to them by simply adding a QR code in the hole.

Add it to your invites

You can always make your invites look mysterious and enticing by adding a QR code to the invite and let your family and friends scan them to see the image you placed in them.

Visual QR code on a packaging

How to convert an image to a QR code?

To completely revolutionize your means of sharing photos with your family and friends, here are the following simple ways that you can go through in converting your image into a QR code.

  1. Open and sign up to a QR code generator with logo online
  2. Select the image category and upload the photo you want to convert
  3. Click the Generate a dynamic QR code button
  4. Personalize your QR code design
  5. Run a series of scan tests
  6. Download, attach and share your QR code

Benefits of using an image QR code

As image QR codes are made to address various issues people usually encounter when sharing images through messaging applications, here are other following benefits you can get from implementing the use of them in your technological endeavors.

  1. Help save paper space and ink.
  2. Retains image quality even after the conversion takes place.
  3. Direct people from offline to online content by just scanning the QR code.
  4. Cost lesser to maintain than using online file storage services to store and share images.


Now that everyone knows how to scan a QR code, the type of data they can get from it is a surprise that only the owner knows what he/she has in store.

As today’s current technological utilization allows everyone to embed different types of data, anyone can also embed an image into a QR code and revolutionize the way photos are shared with people.