How to Track Your Federal Income Tax Refund and How Fast You will Get It

income tax refund
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Most people must have filed their federal income tax return. Many people have a lot of questions and concerns about their returns and when they will get them. The solution to these concerns is to track your federal income tax refund in a proper manner. You should also have ample knowledge on how you will get your refund.

See below the answers of your income tax refund questions:

How to Check the Status of Your Federal Tax Return

Check whether you have filed a federal tax return or not as it is crucial for your financial position for the long term. There are various tools available that serve the purpose well. Among these tools, one such way to check your federal tax refund’s status is by using “Where’s my Refund?” It is an official website of the government that helps you check your status online.

If you are unable to visit the website due to inaccessibility to the internet, then you can call the hotline of IRS Refund. In addition, another way to know your filing status is to install an Android app of the Internal Revenue Service.

Accessing your status requires you to get some information about some areas of your return so that you can be able to protect your refund information. Therefore, you should know your social security number, exact amount of your refund in dollars, and your filing status, for example, single or married.

How to Know If Your Tax Return Was Accepted

Tax software can let you know if your tax return had been accepted. This approach is convenient to use and you do not need to wait for anything. Your software of tax return will provide you with a number called Declaration Control Number (DCN). A DCN is comprised of fourteen digits. You will know your return is accepted when the software will generate this fourteen digit code.
How to Know If Your Return Was Processed

It becomes easier for any tax payer to know if his or her return has been processed or not. If you want to know about the processing of your own return, then all you need to do is to either visit the website mentioned above or use the phone application. Everyone will recommend these methods for knowing if your return has been processed or not because they are the most convenient methods.

When You Will Get Your Tax Refund

While checking the status of filing a return, you can see the date of refund in the IRS’s phone application as well as in its official website. Although you will not be able to see the information when you will get your tax refund, you can see it after it has been accepted. This means that you should see the date of your tax refund after a few days of filing the return.

When you check the application or website, you will notice that you are able to log in. This indicates that after the acceptance of your return, you are entitled to check the date of your refund. If you login through the website instead of using the app, you will see a similar message on its webpage. The message will be in the form of plain text.

When Refunds Are Normally Paid

Once you know how much money you will get as your refund, it is time to think about how fast your refunds will be paid. It actually depends on how you filed the return. If you had sent the return in paper tax form, then you will get it fast.
What You Should Do If Your Refund Is Less than Your Expectations

It is possible that you might have expected your refund to be a large amount of money. But when you check the amount of your refund, you suddenly realize that it is lower than what you were expecting. One reason of this situation can be that the department of treasury had adjusted or deducted some amount from your refund to adjust your unpaid debts. In this situation, you should contact professionals so that they can let you know how to settle credit card debts.

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