Rebirth and Refocus

I am proud to announce that is now sporting a brand new design, as well as a . Let’s just say that it’s still in beta, as the completed version will highlight as a resource for small business, not only a blog. Read on, because this entire update is focusing on you!

business focus
Image by Canon in 2D / Flickr

With changes seem to be on the front-end, it’s easy to say that’s transformation is just cosmetic. However, let me assure you that there’s more than just a change in the book cover. Here are what you should know and be interested in the changes we have made:

1. is now mobile-friendly

Previously, we have launched a mobile app. It’s not a major success, to be honest with you, simply because people need to install our app first to enjoy the content. As we are an informational site, I think that making our site accessible from various devices is a much more effective option.

So, I grabbed a great WordPress theme, SuperSkeleton, to help us reach our goals. So far, despite the rather scary theme name, SuperSkeleton exceeds our expectation: It’s light-weight (read: our pages will be displayed quickly) and responsive (read: can be accessed by any devices using any web browser sizes without looking awkward… and without the need to install any apps.)

2. will feature resources – not just ideas and tips

We have partnered with to deliver a directory of small business apps from which you can try any business apps you want for free before you make any monetary commitments with any.

We have also partnered with a company (yet to be launched) that provides data and statistics you can use to help growing your small business.

3. will revamp non-partner posting policies

I am very open to quality posts sent by writers and authors, as they add diversity to However, I am growing tired of written-for-SEO post pitches, that I actually need to rewrite them to make them at least acceptable in quality.

I will favour articles offering ‘advanced’ small business ideas and tips. So, yet another “how to start a business” articles are no longer favourable!

So, those 3 are the primary focus – or let’s say, the roadmap – for throughout the rest of 2012. So starting from today, on every Sunday I will update you with what we are working on and discuss what we are going through – good and bad – as a small business resource site so that you can tap on the pulse of, as well as picking up a lesson or two along the way (hopefully!)

Ivan Widjaya – rebirth