Top 5 Devices for Taking Mobile Payments

If you’re looking into taking credit and debit payments instantly through mobile processing, you’ll need to look into different options for mobile credit card readers. There are plenty of choices out there for devices, each of which comes with a different pricing plan and supports different hardware. Here are five of the top devices for accepting mobile payments on the go.

1. Square Reader

square card reader
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This is definitely the low-end entrance option as far as simplicity goes, but it doesn’t offer the lowest fees out there. With a free app and card reader, it’s a cheap way to start out aside from higher transaction fees.

The scanner plugs into your audio jack and is compatible with an iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone. They charge a fixed 2.75% fee per transaction for a swiped card and 3.5% plus 15 cents for an entered card, but no processing fees.

2. Intuit GoPayment

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Two different options for payment rates make this an appealing option. The free card reader is sturdy and compatible with a variety of devices, including a long list of Android phones and iPad and iPhone models.

Depending on your preference, you can pay 2.7% per transaction for a swiped card or 3.7% for an entered card number and pay no monthly fee. If you process over $1300 per month in sales, you’ll want to opt for the $13/month plan that lowers your fees to 1.7% and 2.7% for swiped and keyed sales respectively.

3. Flagship ROAMpay

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You’ll need to pay a $7.95 per month access fee to use this service, but the transaction fees are (sometimes) drastically lower and the card reader is free. For $0.19 per transaction plus a percentage fee, you will be able to accept credit cards.

Swiped cards are charged at 1.58% maximum, while the fee for a keyed card ranges from 1.36% to 2.56%. This is significantly better than other rates, and you can store transactions offline. The card reader is compatible with iOS devices, Android, and some Blackberry devices.

4. Chase Paymentech

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This is a mid-range option for a tailored account that suits your every need, but you will need to pay for the card reader. You can purchase a reader for $44 to $159, or a reader and printer for $299, and Chase will make sure you can use any smartphone with their services. If you need to make sure your smartphone will work, you can come up with a solution with their help as long as your phone has internet access.

5. Merchant One

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For another option that could suit you, particularly if you have several employees working at once, this service is worth looking into. The merchant account is $7.95/month, and the payment gateway $9.95. You will pay $0.19 per transaction, plus 1.59% if you swipe the customer’s card, or $0.19 plus 2.05% to key in a card.

If you use an iMag credit card swiper with your iPhone for $135, or a Bluetooth card reader and printer with your Blackberry for $249. You will see the location in which the transaction was made thanks to the GPS and Google Maps functionality built into the application.

These are just five of the top devices and their pricing plans if you’re interested in accepting mobile payments with credit and debit cards. If you choose the right plan, your investment will pay off when you accept credit card transactions from your clients while on the go. This could be just the solution you’ve been looking for!

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