Hidden Champ: Skimlinks offer Convenience in Business Blog Monetization

skimlinksAs always, I search new monetization venues for my websites. What I’m looking for is an ad network that can offer me simplicity as well as automation. True, there are many – if not most – ad networks offering easy to embed ads on your website. However, let me strongly recommend you Skimlinks for many reasons.

What is Skimlinks?

Okay, let’s get down to it. Skimlinks offers something I am very interested in: Automation. Indeed, it is truly affiliate marketing made easy. Affiliate marketing? Yes – unlike many others that pay you on per-click basis, Skimlinks pays you on per-action basis – just like your typical affiliate programs.

How it works is really simple: Skimlinks will automatically turn monetizable keywords in your blog posts and articles into links. But unlike Infolinks and something else similar, when you roll over the links you won’t get any pop up and such. Moreover, the linked keywords are typically branded one. If you have, say, the word “Uprinting” on your blog posts, then Skimlinks might turn that word into an affiliate link.

Indeed, it’s just like a normal link you create when you link to other website. The only difference: The link is automatically turned by Skimlinks into affiliated link. Skimlinks’ links are in fact useful for your site visitors as the links can help them going to the right direction.

Of course, if you want Skimlinks to work like Infolinks, then you can choose SkimWords – the choice is yours.

Can you imagine what Skimlinks can offer your website? You just run your website or blog just the way you usually do. Skimlinks work in the background searching for linkable keywords and create the link for you – no work whatsoever on your side.

You don’t need to alter your linking habit, either… if you create a link manually to other website or to promote a particular affiliate program of your choice, Skimlinks will skip that link. So, your existing links will stay untouched. No worries.

A test on Noobpreneur.com

I bet you didn’t notice that on Noobpreneur.com, we have Skimlinks running in the background. On some blog posts, however, I have some links active.

We have been on Skimlinks for about 45 days, and we generated a bit over $30. Not much, but considering the non-intrusive nature of the links, I think it’s a good result. Furthermore, we are not a consumer blog mentioning brand names frequently – so, our chance for monetization is rather limited (unless we start to mention lots of products and service, that is…)


With that being said, what can definitely make you more earning is when you have plenty of branded words on your blog posts. So, if you run, say, a consumer-targeted blog – i.e. a camera review blog, you can definitely earn more, as you have camera reviews and brand mentions in your blog posts.

Not only link monetization, you can also refer Skimlinks in a unique way: A badge to show your visitors that your website is FTC compliant by disclosing the use of affiliate marketing on your site. You can also have a banner, but I think that would be far less effective.

All in all, Skimlinks offers a great revenue stream to supplement your existing monetizaton methods. It’s non-intrusive and can work with any other ad networks, such as Google AdSense.

I truly vouch for Skimlinks and recommend you to at least check out their website and see whether they can offer you a good monetization solution. If you are interested to learn more, just visit Skimlinks.com.

Ivan Widjaya
Automatic monetization rocks!