iStyla: 14 Years Old Teenpreneur Enables You to Change Your Facebook Design

istyla appOkay – you’ve got me. I am always interested in what teenpreneurs are doing simply because the fact that, at that age, all I know is playing around and be a happy go lucky teen. I knew how to play basketball (I’m a big basketball fan!) but I know nothing about creating things fun and useful for other.

Well, Jacques Blom here is in a different league. He sent me an email (two, in fact… okay, it’s a template – quite persistent, I must say!) and his email subject is “14 year old Noobpreneur.” In our about page, I explain what “Noobpreneur” word means to me – and I think Jacques know what he is talking about.

I’m not sure whether Jacques knew my interest in the works of teenpreneurs, but I’m most definitely interested in Jacques’ pitch. And to say the least, I was amazed. Astonished. In awe.

Who is Jacques Blom?

Just like what I mentioned above, at 14 years old all I know is do things for fun. But Jacques here seems to have a different definition of fun: He builds websites. He makes apps.

Jacques Blom lives in South Africa and has involved with basic programming even before he could walk! He has designed websites since then, but iStyla is his best project so far.

Inspired by the pink Facebook scam back in January 2012, Jacques had his eureka moment and say, “I think I could do that!” So he created iStyla.

What is iStyla

In his email, Jacques explained that iStyla is a combo of a browser plugin and a ‘theme store,’ allowing you change the design of your Facebook into just about anything – right from iStyla theme store.

istyla screenshot

Launched in February 2012, iStyla is a combination of a browser plugin and a ‘theme store’. iStyla allows you to change the look and design of Facebook to just about anything on the iStyla Theme Store.

One limitation though – your design can only be viewed by fellow iStyla app users. Of course, you can view theirs, too! The best thing of all: It’s free to use!

In just a few weeks, iStyla has signed over a thousand users – this is awesome as it’s achieved without any considerable marketing efforts. Considering the viral nature of iStyla; c’mon now – who doesn’t want to have custom looks on their Facebook page? And as we all know, cool images tend to go viral on social media – so… do you catch my drift?

… which lead us to the next innovation by Jacques: You can earn money displaying selected iStyla design on your page. When someone has iStyla app installed and visit your page, he/she will see your design – and if that design is branded, you can earn some commissions. What to be proactive? Just update your friends and fans that you have a new theme displayed on your Facebook page. Then the rest is history.

iStyla: New innovative business marketing venue

This can potentially turned into a great marketing venue for small business: You can sign up here and start designing your iStyla theme. Let other iStyla users display your theme containing any branding or marketing messages you may have and let yours be seen to other iStyla app users (so, yes – a well-designed theme is highly recommended here!)

In my opinion, this is a better solution that Facebook ad, as your marketing message is viewed as image on main page, not on sidebar (and we all know things on main page convert way much better than those in sidebar.

So, you might want to visit this iStyla corporate page for more information.


There are many things I learn from Jacques’ email. I learn that, once again, age doesn’t matter in entrepreneurship. Don’t underestimate teenpreneurs just because they are young, saying that “they are inexperienced!” and such. The truth is, they might have more experience under their belt than you! Jacques here has more experience than me – I started up late, and Jacques still has years ahead of him to create big things.

For sure, I will continue to support teenpreneurs like Jacques Blom – they are our future, don’t you agree?

Business-wise, I think iStyla will rock and will continue to do so for years. If Jacques can keep himself grounded and find the right mentor (or he has already have one?) he can take his talent far.

iStyla has this viral and commercial elements that can appeal both individuals and businesses. Becoming a facilitator of both can only mean success.

Good luck, Jacques!