Your About Page May Need a Facelift – Here is How…

Think about your website for a moment. Are there pages that you’ve haven’t updated or even thought about in a really long time? If there is, one of those is likely your about page.

You know the page. It gives your customers some insight into what your company does, maybe something about you, and any other factoid that you thought would be great for filler. Maybe your page looks better than many small business about pages but if yours looks and reads like most, (be honest) it may be time for a little bit of sprucing up. Don’t know where to start? Think about these ideas.

about page writing tips
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1. It’s ok to be small

You’re a small business. You’re not some big Fortune 500 business whose employees wouldn’t recognize one of their customers if they bumped into them at a grocery store. You’re a small business that adds a personal touch to everything you do. Don’t craft your about page to sound like you’re bigger than you are. Advertise that you’re small and personal.

2. Away with the advertising language

“I’m going to do business with this company because their about page says that they’re the best, visionary, innovative, customer-focused, and game changing.” – said nobody in a really long time! Nobody falls for that. Get rid of the advertising jargon and be real.

3. Stick with the facts

When can you say your customer focused? When an independent survey revealed that 95 percent of your customers said that their experience with your company was so good that they’ll be returning. Put that on your about page instead of “we’re the best.”

4. Don’t Brag TOO much

So you won an industry award. Congratulations! Include it on your about page if it’s current, it’s big, and people can figure out what it is. If you’ve won a lot of awards, congratulations again but include a link to another page that lists all of your accomplishments.

5. No stock images

People know that the attractive lady with the headset on isn’t working in your call center (in part because you don’t have one) so don’t include the picture. Instead, snap a picture with your phone that tells a story. Is it your store, your office, you with your spouse? People want to see the personal side of your business.

6. Help out your current customers

Including logos that are hyperlinked not only gives you clout with potential customers as they look at your high profile client list, your current clients will appreciate it too.

7. Make it about the customer

Your about page should describe your business but the reader is more interested in hearing what you can do for them. Don’t make it all about yourself. Try to write it in a way that speaks of the value they receive by working with you.


Take some time to read about pages on other sites. Evaluate each by asking yourself if you would purchase from that company based on what you read? If not, go to another. Don’t plagiarize but do take notice of the wording that spoke to you. Incorporate those tools into your page. Finally, update it regularly to keep it fresh.

About the Author: Don Miller is the VP of Marketing and Consumer Advocacy at, which is a leading card comparison site that is regularly featured in leading business publications and websites. Click here to see Don’s favorite cards for small business, like this one.