Hot Entrepreneurs: Using Fire to Build a Business

When it comes to the entrepreneurial spirit, it cannot be said that great wealth comes without risk. There are a few reasons that any company may risk life and limb to further their ambition. Those companies that take the plunge and risk everything are generally the ones that make the most profit and that go the furthest. When it comes to careers, there are a few different paths that one can take, the safe road, or the road of excitement that is going to keep them on their toes and loving their jobs.

fireworks business
photo credit: Express Monorail via photopin cc

The following are five different careers that use fire to help further their goals.

Gas Companies

Though it is an indirect use of fire, companies that deal in natural gas, artificial gas, or gas piping are at the forefront of using fire to further their businesses. There are many gas companies that can hook up a house in a few days and can even run gas lines to the back yard for torches, gas lamps, and other accents that can help improve the look and feel of a home. These gas companies are highly skilled and understand what it takes to harness fire and make it worthwhile.


Those companies that manufacture, ship, sell, and set up displays are certainly using fire to their benefit. These companies create one-of-a-kind displays that are sure to be burnt into the hearts and minds of all who watch. This type of business is best for those that like to make a spectacle and individuals that like to use their artistic talents to amazing others. This type of company is perfect for someone that wants to create a lasting impression with an impressive display.

Fire Pits and Stoves

This type of company is perfect for those that also have a skill for creating stonework and metal work. Not only does the finished product require that fire be used to make it functional, but with metal products and glass products, it is essential that fire be used to create the product in the first place. This use of fire is great for those that want to create something that is lasting and that can really make an impression that stays with the buyer for a lifetime. This is perfect for those entrepreneurs that want to use fire in the safest way possible.

Performance Art

There is always a call for companies that can provide entertainers that have the ability to do things like juggle fire, swallow fire, or simply use fire in interesting ways. This type of performance art is perfect for someone that wants to impress and that likes meeting people and interacting with them. This type of job is perfect for those that have an employee base that may not fit in in traditional offices and workplaces. This use of fire is incredibly rewarding as it inspires awe and wonder in the people who see it and interact with it.

Glass Blowing

This can be a type of performance art in and of itself. The process of creating art with glass requires that the artist be skilled with fire. This type of work offers an opportunity to both sell a finished product and to entertain those watching with the spectacle of creation. This is perfect for those that can appreciate art and a work that takes skill and practice. It is also perfect for those that enjoy art and the beauty that can be worked out of something as simple as a bead of hot glass. An artistic entrepreneur can use this talent to build a successful small business.

About the Author: Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles relating to business. This article explains a few interesting career choices involving fire and aims to encourage further study with a bachelor degree in fire science.