Entrepreneurial Projects Helping Children Learn

Education requirements vary from one place to another. All in all, it’s up to the public and the government to take responsibility to ensure that children receive the best education from the beginning of their schooling all the way up to the institutions of higher learning. An effective learning is only made possible with the right tools and effective teaching methods, and it is this exact reason that has led to the setting up of a number of entrepreneurial projects, geared toward enhancing learning for children, while making teaching easier for instructors.

ClassDojo platforms

Here are some of the entrepreneurial projects that have been incorporated into the education sector:

RioLearn Systems

RioLearn systems was a project that was put up to help keep an eye on students through an online platform. This system which was set up in Rio Salado community College, notifies staff whenever a student misses out on an assignment, or whenever their attendance goes down. It in addition employs text in sending reminders to students. Teachers are able to pay attention to the students who are likely to withdraw, and when the students are given more consideration they feel more obliged to perform.


Amplify is also another of the projects set up to enhance learning. It was developed by NewsCorps in 2010 after the company adopted a wireless system, and was unveiled by John Klein. It is devised to help teachers record students’ progress, and also asses student data in a better manner.


The University of Southern California came up with an educational tool that was developed to make learning more fun and engaging. GameDesk utilizes gaming processes that are not only involving but also effective in educating children. The group received a donation that is bound to help them advance on the project and thus reach out to even more learning institutions to progress learning activity.


ClassDojo is yet another helpful educational program and it was created by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The tool was set up to enable teachers to have an easier time while dealing with classroom management. The social media greatly helped in the growth of this product in its first year of inception and it has proved really useful in management of students and teacher data.

The Pearson Group

The Pearson Group is a UK based company that publishes both books and CDs to facilitate learning for students. It works in more than 70 countries worldwide, and is quite dominant in Africa and Asia. This entrepreneurial project has proved very helpful to learning institutions, and the organization has made reasonable profits while at it.

Education is one very important issue that cannot be overlooked. Entrepreneurs ought to invest more in the sector to ensure that children not only get to learn in the best environment possible, but also have an access to the learning material they require. Every child needs a good education and they can only get to obtain it by going to reputable institutions where all their learning requirements will be adhered to. It is also essential that children be given practical entrepreneurial projects so that it can open up their minds to enable them venture into business in future.

Entrepreneurship projects need to be incorporated into student learning since they help the children develop creative thinking abilities and to also have a glimpse into the real world. This will advance their way of thinking; it also enables them to create ways through which to effectively handle problems. In addition, such projects also immensely advance a team spirit since for the projects to work out as expected; every learner has to give an input.

About the Author: Ryan Ayers is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to education. In this article, he describes a few educational entrepreneurial projects and aims to encourage further study with a masters in education law.