The Best Software and Tools to Use When Creating the Perfect Presentation

Presentations are a great way of showcasing your professionalism and engaging with clients and/or colleagues. If you have to present your findings in a clear and concise manner then you might want to take advantage of the numerous resources available to help transform your presentation from a bog-standard, largely dull creation to one that leaps off the screen and makes people sit up and take notice.

No longer are you limited to just a whiteboard and a pen, you can host seminars, conferences and workshops and have them in the palm of your hand with the use of the latest presentation tools and software available on the market.

presentation tools
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Microsoft’s PowerPoint software has long set the standard for a number of years, but we thought we would make you aware of the many other useful resources on offer to breathe new life into your presentation delivery.

Google Docs Presentations

For those looking for an easy-access, free presentation software look no further than Google Docs Presentations. This cloud-based system enables you to import existing presentations and make amendments or create new ones from scratch with the ability to share and collaborate with hundreds of people at a time.


Prezi web-based presentation solution is a relative newcomer to the scene but it is already pulling up trees with its ability to create dynamic, non-linear content that really makes its mark. With a free and a paid solution available to enable you to increase storage and keep the contents of your presentation private and exclusive, it is a very useful tool.

Zoho Show

Within Zoho’s cloud-based production suite is its Zoho Show 2.0 presentation module. With the ability to import PowerPoint and files, Google Docs presentations and more, you can take advantage of Zoho’s far superior interface and sophisticated features including a vast image library and the ability to embed Zoho presentations live into other websites.


SlideShare is fast becoming the most popular way to share and discuss a presentation and its contents. With paid plans available including the ability to tap into analytics data and view who is reading and sharing your presentations via social media it is a useful tool to see how popular your content is and where it is best received.


A tool that is currently in beta stage but completely free at present. PreZentit allows you to create presentations fast and even gives you the chance to collaborate with colleagues or partners by allowing them to work on the slides at the same time. Each completed presentation can be unveiled as public or private with the ability to download them and view offline.

There are so many presentation creation tools out there that may have helped you in the past but these five will certainly be able to give you a helping hand now and in the future.

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