Checklist For Promoting Your Event Through Social Media (Infographic)

Promoting your events is now easier than ever. Not only mailing lists, print ads and such, now you can do so on social media. In fact, you should focus your effort on event promotion via social media. Why?

It’s pretty simple really: Social media is THE hangout place for people today. There’s no better place to kick-start your promotional campaign than the place where hundreds of millions of people are socialising on daily basis.

event promotion
photo credit: TEDx Rotterdam via photopin cc

The big question is, how to effectively promote your events on social sites? Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn,… the list can go on and on… and one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work; each and every of them has unique characteristic – not only in the features, but also in the user base.

The bottom line, you need to devise a unique plan for each social site. Now, where to find the tips, guides or checklists?

A useful infographic…

Meetings Four You, who offer conference venues in Oxford and Bristol have been hard at work researching the best ways to successfully promote your event through Social Media. From this research, you will learn different strategies on a particular social media, namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and YouTube/Vimeo.

social media event promotion infographic

More resources…

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