Business Success: Three Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur.  You need to be resilient; and no, it’s no cakewalk.  Anita Roddick, an inspiring businesswoman and activist well known as the founder of The Body Shop, explain it very well via one of her infamous quote: “Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that’s exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking.”

Indeed, starting out a business requires you to make the leap of faith.  You have to be able to wear many hats – planning, development, marketing, and so on – but the most important thing is this: You need to be able to embrace changes and whenever you fail to launch a product or service, you need to be able to pick up the pieces quickly and move on.

Celebrating female entrepreneurs, Alibaba, e-commerce giant, launch a new campaign; they want budding female entrepreneurs to realize their vision and focus on everything which ensures their business to thrive and successful.

Via their latest campaign, Alibaba wants you to share your inspirational stories. If you are a female entrepreneur running a thriving business, you can submit your story and grab the chance to be one of five successful entrepreneurs who win a mentorship.

The mentorship program offers you a unique opportunity to network with and learn from successful entrepreneurs. Learning from them, you can gain valuable insights which will help you to grow your business – beyond your expectation.

Check out Alibaba’s mentorship program trailer video, titled Empower women, enable possibilities…

Here are the three inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs who run successful business.

Kate Castle

Kate, a mother of two children, is the CEO of Gear to Go, selling products for making camping a more pleasant experience for kids. Her business was born out of her observation on how, when kids go out camping, going to the toilet in the middle of the night could be a problem. To solve that issue, she created Boginabag – a portable, lightweight toilet for such needs.

Starting out and learning by doing, she got her product sketched out and uses Alibaba to find the right manufacturers.

Kate Castle’s success story shows you that it’s possible to turn your dream into reality. Her story also shows you that it’s possible to start a business from a simple idea which don’t need excessive infrastructure to get started.

Today, her business is becoming an International company – things look so bright.

We can learn from her story that there’s no reason for women not to be able to turn their passion and dream into reality in the form of a business venture. Juggling between family and business is challenging, but it’s certainly possible. One of the best things of becoming a mompreneur is the fact that she can inspire her kids that they can, too, turn their dream into reality.

Chelsea Abingdon Welch

Chelsea Abingdon Welch, founder of Abingdon Co., makes luxury designer watches for adventurous women who love aviation – just like herself. When she was 19 years old, she started her own business, creating high quality aviation watches. Staying true to her passion, she also manages a group for female stunt pilots.

It was all started back in 2006 when she was learning how to fly. She noticed that male pilots had great-looking watches with different functionalities. But unfortunately, none of them were made for women. So a couple of months later, along with her friends, she produced a range of aviation watches for women.

At 19, no banks would lend her money. So she funded her startup with loans from friends and family. She also uses her own savings from college jobs to pay for her business.

One advice from Chelsea: “If you are determined, you can accomplish anything.”

Li Su Ling

Running a successful clothing company established in 2003, Li Su Ling started it all with a simple goal: Making quality outdoor clothing. The pursue of excellence and high production values through hard work, she have built a team whose members take pride in the work they do.

The key lesson we can learn from her story is solid work environment which ensures team members to perform at their best. Via recognition programs and many other programs, Li Su Ling keeps employees’ productivity and satisfaction checked.

If you share their passion and want to let the world know about your story, click here to learn more and be sure you submit yours.