Small Business Funding: Can Someone with a Low Credit Score Still Get It?

Getting small business funding when you have a low credit score is typically challenging. Luckily today there are many financial lenders like this one that understand having a low credit score doesn’t mean the end for your dream of turning your idea into reality.

small business funding
photo credit: shehan365 via photopin cc

You see, having bad credit does not always mean someone is financially irresponsible. Things do happen… unexpected medical expenses or life crises do occur and can leave many individuals, businesses and/or families in a financial crisis.

Fortunately, with today’s ongoing debt problems or endeavors, lenders are more understanding and look at applications on a case by case circumstance; with that being said, it is still possible to receive financing even with bad credit.

How someone with a low credit score can get small business funding

Of course, every loan application must go through an approval process – whether you have a good or bad credit. Ideally, there are some steps a lender need to do before the company decides whether lending to you for your business is a wise decision.

Before approval, lenders often take into account the individual’s situation while factoring in all information to come up with an honest and overall decision. This is proven especially in business loans and/or financing related to business needs.

Many lenders will approve inquirers even if they have terrible credit; it is a known fact that having and maintaining a business can highly affect your credit score, which is why many lenders and lender company’s factor in cash flow as opposed to personal credit when basing their final decisions.

Traditional financing, despite time tested, can be hard to come by if an individual has either maxed out their credit cards or is using a large amount of their available credit (more than 40%), which both can affect one’s personal credit. Again, luckily enough lenders take into account all factors when looking over an application and base approval rate on plausible factors, especially in regards to business loans or cash flow advances.


It is important to cover all requirements and use all resources made available when researching financing options, such as loan comparison sites, review sites and so on.

Indeed, you can still receive small business financing even if you have bad credit; you just have to find the lender that is right for you. Please be aware, though… don’t caught yourself borrowing from questionable lenders; be sure you know your rights and responsibilities, and please… check and recheck the interest rates of your loans and analyze whether you can afford the loan repayments plus interests.